Saskatchewan at Montreal

Many veterans won't be playing tomorrow,either for injuries or preventing injuries to veterans or looking at rookies.

The veterans not dressed,when compared to last game,are: Josh Bourke, Luc Brodeur-Jourdain,Jerald Brown,S.J. Green,Michael Klassen,Nik Lewis,Henoc Muamba,Fred Stamps and Winston Venable. Some of these players-Brown,Lewis,Stamps will not return in 2016.

The rookies-first time this season- on active roster are: Int OL Brown and Hickman,Int. WR Rumph,Nat. DL Bodanis. Rookies who played this year but back are: Int. WR Hoffman,Nat WR Davidson,Int. LB Ellsworth and Int DB Johnson.

4 QB's are on the roster,including Boyd; 1 won't dress. Could be Glenn.


Glenn is now on the injured list. The 4 QB's on roster are: Boone,Bridge,Boyd and Marsh. I say Boyd or Marsh won't dress.


Since the game is a basically a tryout for next year, I would think Boyd will actually play at the end just like if this were a pre-season contest. Looks like even with all the veterans sitting out, Rice Jr and sibling Muamba are still not good enough to be on the active list.

Game will feature the worst passing offense v. the worst passing defense. Sounds like must-watch tv to me.

From yesterdays CFL transactions, Rice Jr. (along with WR Jonathan Bryant and CB Lavelle Westbrooks) were Removed Signed, meaning they signed 2016 contracts as theyre not in tomorrow`s lineup.

The season was over along time ago. These tryouts should of started along time ago. To me this is the last home game of the season u go out and bust ur ass and win one for the fans with ur best players.

Als are unable to receive a punt or a kick off without taking a penalty. 2 for 2 so far.

Or are the refs putting on another show? Either way, there are way too many flags in this game.

Yup, the refs are making this game. BS call on Brouillette.

And this TD is on Popp. He should have challenged the fumble call.

But wait, he's the best HC option we have! That's based on his stellar HC record, his proven ability to manage football games, and the incontrovertible fact that Popp doing two jobs will actually improve our recruitment and scouting! :wink: :wink:

Marginal but not BS.

The pass was caught and controlled, which ended the play. In the filed of play it was obviously a fair hit, but Brouillette was right on the edge of whether it was too late.

There are too many flags in the CFL. Refs should stop calling marginal plays.

I have less issue with marginal, because they are pure judgement. It is the obvious bad/missed calls and the calls that don't impact the play (e.g. illegal blocks on punt returns after the returner what well passed the spot of the foul).

BB lookin' pretty good!

A lot of growth in him, also noticed the attitude is much better. Helps when you bring them along properly. That TD pass had a lot of luck involved, throwing on his backfoot like that but it makes for a nice highlight.

As did Cato in his games.

FINALLY, a couple of semi-known, young QBs with upside heading into the off-season.

Sitting him for so long may have said more about their long-term view of his potential being positive than negative, as many assumed.

Almost cheering for a FG so we get overtime, just to end the year on a different note.

Or a FG miss for a TD return by Logan.

Either way

I am hoping for the gorgeous redhead in accounting to stop at my desk tomorrow morning and tell me she has the winning 6/49 ticket from Saturday night and will give it to me if I promise to take her on a specular world trip .............

:wink: :D

I take it back ... it might have a The Crying Game ending.


Haha how bad was our season? Saskatchewan has 3 wins all season and 2 vs us. Damnnnn son!