Saskatchewan at Evil Incarnate GT, Sat. Aug. 8, 7 pm et, TSN

Saskatchewan Roughriders vs. Toronto Argonauts
Sat 7PM ET / 4PM PT on TSN1, TSN3, TSN4 and TSN5

Evil is finally home! Will the Riders be able reverse their horrific fortunes and finally win one? Hope to see some of you here!

Oski Wee Wee,



With their current QB situation, I doubt the Riders can win. Not in Toronto anyhow.

It’s not just their QB situation, the RR defence is horrible, and probably won’t be able to stop the blew team’s West Coast Offence.

The greenies should not have much trouble because the game is in Toronto, unless the echo throws them off.

I have to say that I am NOT expecting the greenies to win this one - NOT that I would EVER cheer for the blue guys of course. Blue guys are moving the ball on the opening drive and were just gifted with an illegal contact by Tisdale - before Harris got leveled that is. Looks like they are going to have to settle for a Pfeffer which is good and the cheer is deafening :wink: :lol: NOT

Nice of Torontonians to welcome the Crappy Boatmen home :wink: :roll:
That crowd is pathetic

Toronto is full of Blue Jays bandwagon jumpers right now.

Earlier in the game - probably the first quarter - they showed a shot of a few Rider fans who were cheering for the camera and then they went to a shot of a few blue fans who were just sitting there like they would rather be elsewhere in spite of one guy who had a blue painted face! What a contrast!!!

First half was a flag fest :oops: :oops: - hopefully the second half is NOT!

LoL, the Riders lost the Args :expressionless:

the East is now 9-6 vs. Western teams this year :thup:

We completely shut down Toronto's offence last week, and Toronto moved the ball at will against the Rider secondary tonight.

Saskatchewan just doesn't have good enough talent on D. Not sure why Taman still has a job.

And penalties killed the Riders. Very undisciplined football team. Speaks directly to coaching. Nathan Kanya took a dumb unnecessary roughness penalty while he was standing on the sideline, standing right beside Chamblin! (Kanya was not even playing when he retaliated against an Argo by pushing him).

A few things:

  1. SSK shot themselves in the foot with penalties, taking 2 TDs off the scoreboard;
  2. If Chamblin isn't gone after this, he HAS to have unsavory pictures of his superiors with goats;
  3. Rod Black actually referred to the 2che as the blew team's "most dangerous weapon", when he's done nothing this season; and
  4. It's gonna be a log jam in the East.

except them nearly throwing for 400 yards passing on us

80 to 100 of those yards were in the game's dying minutes when Cats had a choke hold on the win.

Toronto wasn't moving the ball at will in the first half which ended with the Riders up 16-8 I believe but the Riders D did their normal disappearing act in the 4th which DID allow the blue guys to move the ball and secure the W.

Agree with you about the lack of discipline though - over 100 yds in penalties by the greenies alone in the FIRST HALF!! This after Chamblin in his pregame speech told them they they knew how to play disciplined ball!!! :roll: He also wanted them to play for 60+ minutes but I guess they tuned that out. :roll: But then what can one expect of a coach who closed at least one practice a few weeks ago so that he could curse out his players more freely!

I will say that the one bright spot for the green guys was the play of Smith who certainly did all he could to keep the ball moving, plays which were too often negated by the boneheaded penalties of his team mates! :roll:

Is it too late to get a recount on the 2013 Coach of the Year vote?

Is there any team out there that would choose Chamblin over Austin?

I disagree Wheez.. Harris was around 325-350 before coming out but yah know what i dont care. Tuck foronto :rockin: