Saskatchewan at Calgary GT, Sat. Oct. 31, 2:30 pm et, TSN

Saskatchewan Roughriders vs. Calgary Stampeders
Sat 2:30PM ET / 11:30AM PT on TSN1, TSN3 and TSN5

Calgary needs to keep pace in the race for first against Edmonton. The Riders? The auditions for 2016 continue. I expect the Stamps to stomp.

Oski Wee Wee,


Guess no one is watching the horses romp over the greenies.
Too predictable? (19-3 halfway through the 2nd) Or too much Halloween stuff to do?

Horses still galloping through this one - 29-10 at the half.

Another TD for the horses - with the aid of a couple or so penalties from the greenies including horse collar and DPI
36-10 about 2 minutes remaining in the 3rd

I wasn't expecting there to be much interest here in seeing the mathematically-eliminated Riders go up against the defending champions. I didn't see this game, but it went the way most would have expected it to go, with the Stamps getting a blowout win. The Riders are just looking to the future, and they may now have their future placekicker. Tyler Crapigna continues to be perfect on FG and convert attempts in the CFL, and so McCallum may have have already played his last game in this league. I'm happy for Crapigna now that he's playing and succeeding again after that disappointing end to his CIS career, with Mac losing the Vanier Cup game after his FG attempt was blocked by our current backup centre.

Speaking of Mac, what about them getting eliminated by Laurier at about the same time this game was on? I was expecting Asher Hastings (who set a new CIS record for TD passes in a season last week) and Mac to easily get the win. But with 295 rushing yards, it sounds like Laurier RB Dillon Campbell just about singlehandedly beat Mac. But congrats to Laurier on getting the win.

I started off listening to the Mac game (until it cut out) and about half time, finally found it online. Mac offense just could not get anything going against a strong Laurier defense and you're right - Campbell (drafted by the Argos I think?) was running for huge gains up the middle. Mac receivers dropped some great passes that could have been TDs or led to them. Just not their day for sure and as you mentioned a bit of a surprise to see their season end that way.
I was actually watching both games as they overlapped a bit (cheering for Crapigna who was always clutch) and have to say that the Mac game was capturing my attention more as it wound down. Stamps were just doing what the Stamps often do. Of course the Riders make pretty much any team look like champs these days! :smiley:

Well, the Mac-Laurier game did sound more interesting than the Riders-Stamps game.

I expected more from the Mac offence, as Hastings and the two Dans (Petermann and Vandervoort) have been responsible for Mac gaining many yards via passes. But I understand that the Laurier defence deserves credit.

And yes, the blue team drafted Campbell with a fifth round pick. Another reason to consider his great performance bad news.