Saskatchewan at Calgary - Game Thread

I see we've been getting sloppy lately with the game threads. Figured I'd start this one nice and early!

Considering it's only week 6, I'm getting some butterflies waiting for this one to come on, it's a big game for this early in the season. Calgary wins and they tie Saskatchewan for top spot, Saskatchewan wins and they have a 2 game cushion PLUS the season series locked up. Calgary has the better head-to-head schedule as they get to host the Riders twice, so this is a very big game.

Finally some decent football to watch.

Not much parity so far, that's for sure.

What schedule are you looking at? I see all 3 home dates for the Riders. :wink:

I see what you did there :lol:


Rod Black and Duane Ford :frowning:

There's only 2 games this week, and Suitor/Cuthbert aren't doing either?

Calgary football me thinks - the movement of the fumbled ball before it went out of bounds

Could be the 1st Rider turnover. I think the only question is whether the defender was already out of bounds with his foot before he touched it for possession.

EDIT: Guess there was conclusive evidence he was in bounds when he touched the ball - it was VERY close. That's a bad turnover, need to hold Calgary to 3 here.

Beauty play call - TD Cornish direct snap. 7-0 Calgary

Not the start Saskatchewan wanted, Calgary looks pretty amped up on D.

Did Calgary hand out those annoying Vuvezelas again? Sounds horrid on TV.

Yikes! Can't stop Cornish so far, 14-0 Calgary.

I will point out though that he should have been penalized on that 3rd down gamble for the push on Mitchell, you can't do that (I don't think I've ever seen it called though). Without that little push, it's a turnover on downs :frowning:

That's not Roughing the Passer. There's been a couple of bad one's every game. Very next play a defender gets tackled trying to get to Glenn. This game is starting to frustrate me.

yep....I've been spoiled this season. This is pretty hard to watch!

Perfect quarter by Calgary, other than the blocked extra point. Hopefully the end of the quarter gives the Riders time to emerge from the locker room, as they clearly weren’t out there in the 1st Q.

These officials seriously need a crash course on roughing the passer, it's a comedy of errors right now in the CFL. Nice to see the Riders score a TD under some adversity there.

Calgary is pumped, and rightly so. I love football so much, thus I respect the other team as well as the team I cheer for on given plays. This game is a great game - TD Getzlaf from Durant; 16-7 Stampeders lead. Like Dust pointed out, the second half adjustments could very well tell the story in this tilt.
Edit: Calgary D is creating their turnovers by punching the ball out IMO...

Calgary is well prepared; their OC has found Sask. weak spots to prosper. It’s frustrating the Riders have no answer for it. Cornish scores untouched - long way back though… 26-7 Calgary at the half
Kevin Glenn…poised

I'm sorry. I just can't take Butler anymore. He cant tackleworth gopher dung. Mosr overrated player in the league. Cut him.

That’s about as bad of a half of football I’ve seen the Riders play since that 5-13 season. Couple of completely unnecessary penalties (The one by Harris was really stupid, as Calgary was deep in their own end facing a 2nd and 10), and just sloppiness all around.

The shoe is on the other foot so far this game, all of the bounces have gone Calgary’s way, but they’ve played better to create those chances. Riders have been the best 2nd half team in the CFL this year, they’ll have to really prove it now, in a deep hole.

Glad I picked the stamps in the VGCC.
About to go 3-1 over the last 2 weeks!
( Damn edmonton missed FG)