Saskatchewan at Calgary Game Thread- Friday the 13th 🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛ of October 2023

Game starts in 15 so we need a game thread.

Pretty good game going on in Hamilton at the moment.

I’m not sure this game will rise to the level of the other one tonight but it is the most important game of the weekend as far as playoff implications go. Hopefully both teams will play hard and well.

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Picked green toose but damn I hope I am wrong

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I expect CD to make some stupid coaching mistake at some point. And Marshall will blow a cover trying to make a selfish play.


Wow. Actual pressurevfrom the Dline

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I expect this game could be called using a fart sound app and it wouldn’t be out of place…


All D si far

Nobody wants to win this one

D for drops

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Just announced a Lions win. Glad I didn’t have to see that

I’m off to work everyone! Enjoy your Friday evening and lets hope just because its the 13th it isn’t stupid busy at work tonight.

I suspect Rene Paredes will do very well tonight to fight with Sean Whyte in terms of who is #1 in the CFL this year.

I also suspect Adam Korsak to kill the Stamps in terms of field position on his punts.


7 punts in one quarter.

You have a good and safe night at work and be careful and watch out especially for those morning bojacks!


0-0 I see so I missed nothing. Has it been as bad as the posts seem to be saying?

Barn burner in Hamilton with Whyte making a 48 yarder as time exipired for the walk off win.

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We’ll talk later but I think you are forgetting about another kicker that is always in the conversation for best clutch kicker.

Have a good night.


If you add the 2 teams together, their 1st qtr stats aren’t even good for 1 team.

And I’d still rather watch this than a Vancouver win.


Cfl pinned score is still at 50 seconds left in 4th quarter in the first game 30 30 tie. Good to see the cgl doin their best to be mickey mouse

Nice 3 pointer

I predict a 6-3 game in the works

As long as green wins

I don’t even care anymore this year.