Saskatchewan at BC GT, Fri July 10, 10 pm et, TSN

Wendy's Friday Night Football
Saskatchewan Roughriders vs BC Lions
Fri 10PM ET / 7 PM PT on TSN1, TSN3, TSN4 and TSN5

The Riders will be trying to erase the memory of losing last week's game against Evil when they had them where they wanted them late and let them back for BC, they were lacklustre in the no-huddle offense for stretches of the Ottawa game last week. Travis Lulay is getting back into game mode -- his O-line will need to continue keeping him in one piece as they try to rebound against Gang Green.

Oski Wee Wee,


Russ: I'll be watching this one....mainly because of Head Coach Jeff Telford. I suspect BC have their HC coach for the future. I was not surprised that Mike Benevides did not last. My prediction is the BC will improve slowly as the season goes on and BC will become very competitive by next season as long as Lulay holds up.

Yeah, they will need to be patient with Lulay like they did in his first season. He was out for sometime and will need a couple of games to get back in synch with his receivers and the offense in general.

Meantime, I hope they lay a beating on the greenies.

Note- The upper deck seating at BC Place Stadium will be closed and draped over.
No season tickets were sold this year in the upper deck, lower deck only were available.
(which must have PO'ed upper deck ST holders)
This will make BC Place a 25,000 seat facility for Lions regular season games
The upper deck will remain closed unless the Lower Bowl is totally sold out.
The Lions owe the melons a thrashing on this one over the Lions President guaranteed win fiasco last season. :expressionless:

Game time!

It's been said before... but KG is absolutely underrated in this league.. all he does is win.. not always pretty.. but he is effective

Smartest move the Riders did by getting him!

I've been going with the home teams this week. So far I haven't been disappointed so hope the Leos don't let me down! :slight_smile:

Why do PBP guys insist on scripting a conversation between 2 people, when they have ZERO clue what is actually being said!!

Of all receivers you DON'T leave wide open... 7-0 Greenies...

Why would you run on 2nd and 10??? :roll:

7-3 Greenies at the end of the 1st Q...

OK, the Refs effed up on that PI in the end zone there, but I didn't see the "Objectional Conduct" penalty. Unless it was the player gently pointing out to the zebra that his shoulder pad had been yanked out of his uniform; which would have embarrassed said zebra, causing him to throw his flag in anger. The Leos won the Challenge, yet still lost out in field position due to the O.C. call, and had to settle for a FG. Therefore, the Officials made themselves bigger than the game, AGAIN!

Displaced: Exactly. What a ridiculous situation created by the refs. Two penalties on the same play and then a challenge to a silly call.

Originally no call, then OC, then DPI on review, with OC as-it-stands. Absolute rubbish. Time for some Officials to be fired.

Actually, this may be more of an "unintended consequence" of the officials using their radio headsets in order to "speed up the game" instead of huddling to discuss the call. There are times, sometimes multiple times a game, where a flag was "picked up" after the call was discussed amongst the officials in their huddle. This way the "right" call was made, not the "textbook" call (believe it or not, Andre Proulx did this a number of times)...

This game is a snoozer :thdn:

HI folks!

Hi Russ!

so, who wants to karaoke?

BC gets penalized again and again and the Riders punch it in -- 22-12 Green now.

BC gets a major, but the convert is missed -- 22-18 now.