Saskatchewan at BC GDT

Kickoff is imminent.

After a Kevin Glenn fumble, the Lions drive the ball and a Jennings-to-Gore strike makes it 7-0 with the convert, first quarter.

Glenn armpunts it -- BC ball!

Leone misses a chip shot FG, so the single makes it 8-0 Lions. I am really impressed by Jonathan Jennings at QB for BC!

Maybe we do need Glenn here. He has already matched Mathews' full-game performance with one fumble and one interception in his first two drives.

11-0 BC after one quarter.

NO thanks - I'd rather live with the mistakes of a rookie who WILL get better than those of a "veteran" who has already had a stint here. :roll: (And I know you were being facetious - at least I HOPE you were!)

Absolutely. This guy is no saviour.

Jennings has looked pretty impressive in his two starts although he has had the benefit of perfect (indoor) conditions. Of course the greenies can make enough gaffs to make any opposing QB look good - or so we hope next week!

I was talking with my dad (he gave up on the Ticats until KA started to turn them around) and he said: "I'd rather have the janitor (NOT our Caretaker) QB instead of Glenn". (I put in the bit about our Caretaker, from what I have seen, he has a pretty decent arm - I'd just be worried about his ability to absorb a hit from a DE)...

Tricky move by Rainey - too bad he didn't gain a bit more ground and then of course there's a flag...... :roll:

It's 40-5 BC after three quarters. Why Brett Smith is not in the game to replace Glenn in this slaughter is beyond me!

Smith is finally in at QB for the Riders. A blocked punt for a TD by Saskatchewan belies the blowout tonight. 40-11 Lions, fourth quarter.

Yeah they look pretty bad again - must be playing on the road :smiley: - both wins have come at home. Although Smith does seem to be able to get the offense moving.

I think that the substandard play of the Rider O-line has had an effect on Glenn's effort tonight, but even with that being granted...I really think that opting for the development of young QBs who show definite potential is a better option than recycling. In the case of the Cats, we are still in first place and should keep working with Mathews as the starter. The Riders should really give Smith the reins and see what they have as Durant's future raises a lot of questions.

Smith with a great pass to Roosevelt for the TD -- and makes a super scramble to get the two-point convert! BC leads 40-19 now.

Correction on the score: Smith with a great pass to Roosevelt for the TD -- and makes a super scramble to get the two-point convert! BC leads 43-19 now.

BC 46 Saskatchewan 20, final.

Agreed, what will these people that want Glenn so bad say when he doesn't start on Friday against the Cats?

Watching a young backup QB come in and play like Jennings did, well that’s hard for a Ticat fan to watch.

I feel better about next Friday’s game. Not so much about about the week after.