Saskatchewan and the Glenn trade to Winnipeg/Toronto?

One simple question. What or who did Saskatchewan get in return for Glenn? I remember at the time of the trade, the Bombers got Glenn in return for 'future considerations'. I do not recall ever hearing what or who Saskatchwan ultimately got. Can anyone help me on this? We should have got something decent as Glenn is a respectable quarterback.

Whatever it was, I'm betting it was not enough. You're right, Glenn is a good QB, we just don't know HOW good, and we won't until the Bombers get a receiving corp that has more than one feature receiver (Stegall of course).

As far as I know, that is still a trade in progress. Does anyone know if this trade has been concluded? Was it even a trade?

i'm not 100% sure but i think Glenn was first traded to Toronto and then traded to Winnipeg but i'm still not sure what the Riders got in return for him.

I think you are right. I forgot about that Toronto angle. Same result though. We got future considerations that are still in progress unless someone can tell me how this trade got concluded.

the future considerations were that the bombers wouldn't beat sask all three times this year. seeing as we gave you the first win of the season the trade is not complete.

The riders traded Kevin Glenn to Toronto for future considerations. Toronto then traded Kevin Glenn to Winnipeg for what I cannot remember. I dont know if the Riders ever finished this trade or if they ever got anything for it. it is interesting to note that the first meeting between the riders and argos just after the trade is when Nealon Green suffered his broken leg. Kinda ironic.

I do remember listening to the radio here in Regina when one of the local radio personalities said of this trade " Future considerations. What future Considerations. What does that mean? Does that mean that each of the Riders gets a free lap dance the next time they are in Toronto!!" I only remembered this because I was busy laughing my ass off in the car when i heard that comment.

better have been one helluva lap dance!

I think "future consideration" is a way of saying you gave away a player. It's just put in a way fans think they will get something in return.

Could you imagine trying to cash in that trade afterward?

GM 1: "Ok. I'd like to get my compensation for the player I gave you two years ago."

GM 2: "Uh? I wasn't even here two years ago."

GM 1: "Well, that's a trade I made with your predecessor."

GM 2: "What did he promised you?"

GM 1: "A future consideration."

GM 2: "Okay... well, I offer you my 7th draft pick."

GM 1 : "No way. What am I supposed to do with that? Give me one of your back-up players."

GM 2 : "No."

GM 1 : "Hey! A deal is a deal."

GM 2 :"But a consideration can be anything. I offer you the rights to John Smith."

GM 1: "Isn't he dead?"

GM 2: "Why would I offer you a living player? I only owe you a consideration."

agreed. However, I am still looking for closure. I was pissed a year and a half ago that they would let Glenn go for a future consideration, worried that what did happen would happen.

Well, it's not like he really changed the Bombers' destiny so far... What's his record?

I'm just saying he is worth more than a lap dance and that is one of Shivers blunders in my opinion. He was good enough to get something, cash, anything.

That one goes straight to the Wall of Fame. Glenn would be so proud to know his talent was defended this way! :stuck_out_tongue:

I am still curious. Was this trade ever concluded?

Man someone's bitter after watching Greene and the Riders get smoked by Montreal tonight! Are you saying you want Glenn back?

haha, man that was a good one, man i can't quit LMAO man that was funny especially the part....
GM1:"we offer you john smith"
GM2":isn't he dead?"
GM1"why would we offer you a living player we only owe you a consideration."

anyway, good one man! still LMAO!

The Riders ended up getting the Bombers first round draft pick. I believe their pick was O-lineman Matt O'Meara.

Glenn didn't want to play here, plain and simple. We had no choice but to get rid of him. Kinda like Eric Lindros when he got drafted in Quebec.