So I know we all want a win but I’m at a loss as to what’s developing/or not developing.

What’s the general consensus and knowledge surrounding the rematch on Thursday? There hasn’t been a peep or speculation.

Jones said he didn’t bring anybody new in, apart from Doughlin who was a spring cut (although I think there were a couple guys here before he said that), BB is starting, ZC is week to week. No word on Marshall that I’ve heard, so DC is still CB ?.

While IMO there was 1 or 2 DBs in camp that could have stuck...staff disagreed. They require CBs with some size who can press AND maintain. The issue is that with the expanded camp rosters for the NFL that a lot of that space has went to these players. A team used to bring in 5 to 7 CB and about the same HB. It is now a total of about 16. It will take a couple years for that to flush out...until then it is sit and wait for cuts.

Marshall will be off the full 6 plus potentially a week. He had surgery. Carter will be there until cuts or Marshall's return

Thanks for the info nowhereman!

So really nothing will have changed for the game in Hamilton except the Stadium.
I can't see us getting through this without an offense, I mean we're at the bottom of the CFL in that area.
Will be interesting to see if BB can pick it up to what many were hoping would be a 'break out' opportunity for the young QB.
One can always hope to see an exciting upset and some sense of perceived growth but Ticats in Hamilton are never easy even if your firing on all cylinders Team wise.
GO Riders GO

And their shouldn't be any major changes. It was the best the OL looked all season. They actually had a really good game other than Coleman backpedaling all game. QBs need a couple games of not being hit a third of the plays to get confident and not fearing for safety. I anticipate one national LB coming out. The only real potential change on D is Elam but it sounds like that will be next week.

The Oline needs to coalesce after they decide who they can live with for personnel, and there may be some growing pains (hopefully not catastrophic injuries). As this happpens, trust and confidence will result!

Any chance Elam makes it as starting CB?

Likely a fair shot. He only had a couple practices before the bye and a couple now and already in likely needs another week. Once Marshall is back we will see what is what

If you read anything about practice today you will start to see examples of my blowup at the powers that be that I mentioned a week or 2 back

Yea, seen the practice thing. Major coaching issues, and if not coaching then However you want to spin it, it lies at the hands of Jones and he's failing quickly and evidently.

I don't think that is coaching at all...I am not sure why you would say that. Teams that have the overbearing coaches applying that pressure generally fail in the long run and are waiting for a lockerroom needs to be established at the core (done) and fostered from there.

Jones clearly set Blue up to go public with this stuff and light a fire. He has continually preached from the day of meet n greats of camp...both in practice and in media....for the leaders and vets to show them how it is done. He wants the players to make the culture...not the coaches at this point. They built the is the nucleus's job to carry that torch. It is happening on D...they have solid leadership and push each other. Not so much on O. This was the concern on some of the faces they cut....they lack that leadership now. That is fine...they made some good skill level changes, but they need someone to step up...or rather a couple people. IMO Blue is not the right guy, but it is the best option they have. Carter perhaps when he is back on O...he has really developed in that way in the past year. I see nobody else for established vets who fits the mold so might take one of the new guys.

It was a rock and a hard place IMO...I think Carter was growing into that role....Owens and Bagg were offensive leaders...heart....grinders...motivators. They presently lack some of that and need someone to step outside themselves and become that. I just don't know who that would be. The most likely is perhaps Messem. Wish it was Roosevelt....but I don't think it is.

The coaches hired and in place are Jones doing. You yourself have indicated that some are not up to par. The veteran leadership released leaving them with the non leader position they are in was Jones decision. If your going to cut someone you better have someone ready to step into that place, leadership included, These are both in the coaching capacity. The talent, or lack of brought in is the G.M. ing of Jones. He can't find one D.B. in North America to be on the roster so Carter doesn't have to be their is a total fail when it comes to The root of all these problems is Jones is why I would say that.

I have to agree and frankly I also find it extremely odd that there hasn't been a DB found.
And where is Murphy in all this debauch?

I think however, it's going to be a good game for the Riders, would love to see BB catch fire.
Story Book.
Go Riders Go

June Jones says he’s preparing for a 2 QB attack from the Riders, Bridge and Watford.
Ya know, Won’t surprise me to see the same from the Ticats: Masoli and Manziel

Not being up to par and drive in practice are not really the same all. Yes the coaches need to push players, but it is a lot better of a culture when it comes from the players. The d has it, the o doesn't. I would actually say that good coaching has recognized that it is missing. Jones specifically told the media to talk to Blue...he is trying to make someone the voice and leader by doing that.

I guess that is a philosophy and each their own. Do you want coaches driving players or the players doing it to each other. IMO the internal culture is harder to get to but is great once there. Then when a coach loses it a bit it means something and gets attention. That is what is being built...for me I fully support that culture right now there are some setbacks getting there on one side of the ball.

As for the cuts...they may have been too deep. Carter playing in D is part if it though. He has become a leader and is lost to o at the moment. Unfortunately, I can't fault the release of either Bagg or Owens. They have a couple solid young was time. The decision on Owens became easy when he wss hurt late in camp. The only one I ever really questioned wss Dyakowski...but the only way keeping him around made sense would be a drastic pay cut. They simply need a couple of guys to step up. For now, they are hoping that is Blue. The talent is there.

The DB thing is a bit ridiculous. I suppose one can argue not to waste time on a player you know you are not keeping...but i felt there were capable for camp. They are deep at WR...that is why he is pushing it. Carter looked a pile better last week when they assigned to personnel instead of position.

While I agree it would be better if it was a player that took the initiative to handle this I think when it didn't happen after the first time it was an issue then its the coaches job to nip it in the bud. It sounds like this has been going on for quite some time in practices but it was allowed to continue from what Blue was saying. This to me is a big red flag that the coaches are not doing their jobs. Yes the players should be responsible enough to do the homework in their off time to know the plays and yes they should be smart enough to know that practices are not a time to just go through the motions, but it sounds like this isn't the case so why did the coaches allow this to continue? Both are accountable for the teams performance but it's not the player or players that holds the hammer of who is playing or on the team.

If I was Reynolds I would be asking my coaching staff about this and how did it take so long to address the situation. It seems a bit disrespectful to the team and the fans if there are a few that are not taking things seriously and if it has been going on for awhile. Now I don't know for sure how long it has gone on but again just by what Blue was suggesting this isn't the first time it has happened and it sounds like has been going on for quite some time. If that is the case then it could explain why our record is 2-2 instead of being probably 3-1. Sure we beat a good Hamilton team with our defense but we also lost a stinker to the Als and the schedule over the next few weeks is not going to get any easier with tonight's game and then Stamps,Eskimos,Stamps, those 2 points that we frittered away could be huge in our hopes of making it to the playoffs. If players are not taking things seriously enough in practices then it probably is reflected in the teams performance in a game. That to me is inexcusable to allow to happen for any length of time and I would say that falls on the coaching staff.The players are the ones on the field but it is the coaching staff that puts them there or tells them to take a hike. If I was Reynolds I know who I would be holding accountable.

Well that was MUCH better…apart from a couple hiccups/brain pharts (ST brain cramps, 3rd and goal on the 1…shotgun handoff to Messam…really?). Fortunately we took advantage of Ham brain pharts!

yah another great play call from Macadodo. Very surprised we won, but bridge seems to be getting his mojo back

If I was Reynolds I would probably leave them alone and not interfere. How did they start last season including against the Als, because I know they finished pretty strong. Reynolds stepping in is death sentence for the season. That is how you ruin a team in an instant.

That wasn't on MacAdoo actually. That was an option read and the QB made the wrong read. Why do you think Messam got up so pissed off. Everyone could see that the QB was supposed to pull the ball.

Mojo is thanks to the I said, you need the OL to play well for a couple games. It has and Bridge didn't look panicked...he looked really good. Perhaps the best I recall him playing.

My only think with Macadoo of major concern in this one was why, when Hamilton continually brought the Safety up, they didn't attack it. He may have been saving it for a big play if required.

Good game after half time.
Kudos to the Riders coming out strong and dominating the second half.
I saw some great things/improvements, not to mention chemistry and confidence that comes from taking over a game!
Get at it!