Saskatawanvs BC

It will be a huge game vs the Riders! I'm going to that game. Whats the attendence suppose to be? Go Lions Go. BC wins 23 to 17! Any athother predictions! Make lot's of noise go lions. My living room is covered with Lions flags, posters and tons of orange!
Go Liions

I'm going to with my family, but had to settle with the upper bowl. I asked the ticketmaster person if they had any lower bowl seats for any other home games, and she said it would be quite hard to get some now. The Lions are becoming a hot ticket in town, and ofcourse the lions win i'll say 33-20

Men and Ladies oh and Lions fans you guys better be ready the Riders are one of the hottest teams and we are rolling!! so look out its going to be a barn burner ethier way but it wiil be the RIDERS 35-27


it's going to be real tight on sat night...real tight.

i'm guessing the Leos by 2 points.

It better be a good game - the first one this seasn that I will attend (getting babysitters is not easy). The Lions will win, but I guarantee that it will be a close and exciting finish!

Riders are on a win streak. We need to get our hunger and intensity back up. I think the fans need to help Saskatchewan commit 5-6 Procedure calls just like the Alouettes did. BC better be ready for Holmes and Keith on the running game. We have to shut those two down! They almost pulled it off in the first meeting. Lastly we need to protect Dickenson better. I cringe everytime I see him in a pileup on the turf!

Waiting for Riders fans to claim the attendance is going to be 50% Riders supporters just like last years West Final. I'm hoping the Lions learned their lesson in the Esks game.

I bet the attendance is 50% Rider fans. Go Riders.

Just a reminder, Get there early for the game because the Canucks will be losing another exhibition game that night next door at GM place. Parking will be awful!

Way to go Gainer! Glad you didn't let me down.

Impossible Gainer, Lions fans are already tallying about 35000+ per game, that only leaves less than 25000 seats to go. If you bring about 40% it should be a sell out.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

well, I'm taking the skytrain, that's for sure.

I was just appeasing Lionbacker. If 10% of the crowd is green and white, that will still be pretty good, and it will be loud. 4,000 to 5,000 Rider fans could make some noise. But obviously, the crowd is a huge advantage for the Lions. Big crowds in domes sure make the game much more intense. Good job Lions fans.

ah I remember a game were 10,000 rider fans were silenced in the first 10 minutes of the game! Can it happen again I think so no problem.

FYI. If anyone is interested in lower bowl tixs, I have 4 for sale (sec 4L2, Row N)


call 604.992.2829 if your interested

Not only that, but you can bet the price for parking will be even more awful - Impark will definitly jack up their rates on Saturday.

I know I'll be taking transit on Saturday - I can't really justify it to myself to pay $20+ for parking :wink: