Saskargos Attitude

What do you all think.
Personally I liked having an enemy to the Rider Nation (I am probably one of the biggest rider fans, but you gotta have someone to go against), but to each their own I guess. I liked having a rivalry. Maybe we should start a poll on how long it will last.

I'll admit to not being around as long as some of the others (R&W, 3/10, bender, etc.); however, I seem to notice that all of her Rider bashing has been repetitive and redundant. I mean, just look at the two threads that relate to "The Bet". The majority of whatever saskargo has said before the "seeing the light face turn" has been "cowards" and "chickens". I've seen more variety in a series of Randy "Macho Man" Savage promos.

All that aside, will this news of her expecting (I'm still hedging jovial bets about this being the biggest antichrist since Paul Godfrey) change her tune on a permanent basis? Probably, but we'll really have to find out come the start of the 2006 season, which is the guesstimate of when the lil one is due. If the child is born healthy with no complications, then this could be a silver lining... at least until the kid is in his Terrible Twos, then the kid will join its momma in the age ole art of Rider bashing. :smiley:

My prediction: Too early to tell, but at least its a temporary reprieve. Be thankful for THAT much, Priders.

I definitely agree on the redundancy issue - if there were more arguments than "you suck" it would have been much more interesting. There is no doubt about it, though - having children changes you, in many ways. Who knows? She may revert; she may not. Either way, I'll live with it. . .of course, I'm liking this new attitude in her - even if it is short-lived.

it does seem like a change of heart for the greeks maybe leaving a big wooden horse outside of the gates of know just to let the Trojans there is no hard feeling...................could be a the gingerbread house...................becareful my wee little ones!!!!!!!!

shes done this before, she may go back to her old ways, but it's nice while it lasts, but i dont like's TOO nice

I said it in another thread this morning, and I'll say it again. Attention all Rider fans: Back away from the trap. . .back very slowly away from the trap. . . :smiley:

I was thinking of the whole Pandora's Box analogy too. And if worse comes to worse, I'm reminded of the wise words of Stone Cold, "DTA: Don't Trust Anybody." :smiley:

well on the bright side.........we willn't have to listen to her proclaim herself the "Queen of Bash"...............kinda sad when you ideal of a good slam is to infer that somebody's gay, or call them cowards, or suckers...........a good bash should be funny, clever and fun....................not exactly Saskargos strong points..........

I wouldn't go that far, maxxx. She'll still claim that throne (which wouldn't surprise me if it was made out of porcelin), and just lay low for a while. But when you least expect it, she'll return in all of her repetitive and redundant glory. I just hope that with this time off, if she does return, she comes up with some newer and fresher material, cuz I get enough of that whole "(place team's name here) sucks!" garbage about 2-3 times a year when the Boatmen faces off against Hamilton.

I love her honesty…and she makes some great points…

Why can’t we talk about what is wrong with SASK?..lets hope that they can beat EDMONTON , in their OWN HOUSE!..and then lose to the ARGOS!!! :wink:

I said my peace and moved on regarding the above mentioned... When I came here ( I just wanted to talk football.....I didnt come here to win a popularity contest... and I'll bet I am near the bottom on a few peoples lists :slight_smile:
But I will not put up with trash talk that goes beyond reason.

You wanna Slam the Riders for having no offense? you maybe right... valid point.
Wanna say things like the Riders only have 2 good players or have the Refs in there back pocket? You can be sure I will attempt to knock you off your Pedestal :slight_smile:

Theres a difference between making a valid opinion & a blanket statement saying you are Gay or your team sucks.

As for the Fan Comments, why not bash the individual.. rather than lump us all in as a whole.


Ever notice that I am the most popular poster.
Always something about me.
Sometimes good,sometimes bad.
Like I said before everyone loves SASKARGO!!!!
You love me,or love to hate me!!!
I'm glad there is posts about moi.It shows I'm entertaining this forum.
Just remember,IT IS ALL IN FUN!!!!!
I love you all!!!

Please God, give me back the two minutes I wasted reading this post.

How big is your ego. Really. You are the Lawrence Phillips of the forum

Endded in Jail, wanted in 3 diffrent states and has the canada's door locked!

Als Fan

That will be Mrs.Phillips to you Billy.LOL

Ya Billy you are as popular as a skunk at Sunday School.

I'm not scared ill take the bait.

I think she is getting a test run of this new attitude so she is used to it when the riders beat the Argos :lol:

Ya right! Only Rider fans would like that!

Come on Saskargo let him have it!

yes let me have it!!! Don't worry everyone ill take one for the team to get her back to normal.

By the way I chose the villian option