saskargo alert

Well, even though I am a Rider fan, I don’t have a problem with most of the stuff that she says. Everyone is intitled to an opinion. The only problem I have is when she attacks someone personally who has responded to one of her posts. It’s one thing to have fun on these sites, but a completely different thing to call people/all fans of a certain team insulting/mean spirited names on a consistent basis.


Can’t really say ‘personally’ though dys, we all use these pseudonyms to mask our crime-fighting identities…

saskargo is easily controlled though creative mental sparring…just don’t give up or stoop to a childish he-said-she-said level…gently remind her that her use of the computer in the Day Room is only by the generosity of her Good Doctor and if he catches wind she is allowing her deranged alter ego to control her surfing habits it’ll be time to up the meds and then it’s drool time baby…


I was going to avoid this post but I have to say something. Everyone is entitled to their oponions and has the right to post them here, however that does not enclude the right to comment about someone’s spouse or their sexuall preferences or the size of certain body parts
I have stated before about another poster in the old huddle. Everyone deserves a second chance. Sasargo has said they she will play nice. The ball is in her court now and it’s up to here to stick by her word.

If she goes back on that word
She’s outta here

the thing is…the stuff she says isnt that controversial, i actually with stuff she says on some scale, but she always goes over the top and takes it the extra mile, if she didnt…no one would hate her as much

Billy Soup, See laughing is good for you. Doesn’t matter Eskie fan, Stamp Fan etc. We all love our respective teams and they are all going to go far right. So when reading everyone’s posts you have to chuckle. Everything looks good to all of us in the off season but when the hitting starts well we will then find out. Again it is a matter of opinion right. As far as bashing one’s place they live in well big deal, she must like Toronto better then where she use to live. She has moved on.
The thing is to have fun. Saskargo does just that. Entertainment.

Billy soup and roro13 you make me laugh.
You 2 must feel proud that you can get a woman banned from the huddle.Once again feel proud.Let this huddle see that you can get a chick banned of the site.It makes you look like winners. Anyways I’m not here to bash anybody.Just their teams.I said that,and I I will stick to my word.I just thought I would should point out to everyone on this huddle how much class you 2 have.

come here saskargo and let me pinch your cheek you crazy little bastard…

did ya check out spankmediscos little rider picture on the site yet?..I told her you’d be back eventually…

What does being a woman have to do with anything. Do you think the rules change because of gender?

The reason you, saskargo, got banned last time is because you were ignorant. If I remember correctly you were belittling someone (calling them names) because they were getting an education. That is very uncalled for.

And you of all people should not bring up class.

Hopefully you have learned your lesson and can contribute intelligent material to this forum instead of your usual drivel.

Saskargo you will never change. Here I am telling everyone to give you a chance to show that you have changed and you come right back by claiming we should be proud to have gotten a woman banned and stating that I have no class. I guess they don’t sell mirrors where you live. (Of course you will blame me for everything that goes wrong in your life as usual)

I‘ve said it before and I will say it again you can give it out but you can’t take it. Every time you lose an argument you have to play the “I’m a woman card, boo-hoo you are not being nice “

One thing you have to realize is that if you are going to stand up for your rights, you are going to lose your seat on the bus.

You can’t have it both ways

^ seconded. And just so you know, I never once asked to have you banned off the huddle or this one. And bringing up the gender card. come on.Whatever ro1313 said enough I will leave it at that.

what did saskargo ever do…i mustve come on late because she was bad, but not that bad

Eskie everyone hates me on this site.
I came here to bash all riders.I can’t stand them.
They like saying how much they won the western semi-final.I come on here and tell them who cares?
They didn’t win the Grey Cup.They didn’t beat my team last year.They never shut up.
I have respect for all other teams and their fans.Then you get fans on here who try to take a stab at me(RO1313).He never minds his own business.He feels like a real man bashing me.He also thinks I’m really care what he thinks.
I just come on here to start crap.I really don’t care what people say.
It is not as if I take this stuff seriously.

Yet again you fill the page with your mindless drivel.
You start by admitting that you come solely to bash riderfans because of what they say and in the next sentence you say I, don’t mind my own business. Why is it O.K. for you but not for me? Looks like another example of dishing it out but not taking it.

You say you have respect for all fans yet you will insult anyone who does not agree with you by calling them every name in the book. This is another example of dishing it out and not taking it.

You say that you don’t care what I think but you are always referring to me when you are addressing another poster. It seems to me that you do care what I think.

Last but not least you brought out the old “you feel like a man by bashing me� card. Again after admitting that you are here only to bash others, you will cry like a baby when someone says anything against you. :frowning:

Go back and read my post. I defended you by saying everyone deserves a second chance but you have only proved that you cannot and will not change.

I’m not crying.
I said I would be good from now on.
Oh hold on for a second.It sounds like I care what you say ro1313.I don’tyou are a joke.
I have bashed you down before.You think you are a good basher.You are joke.
You see, I say anything and you have to turn my words around.You sound more of a woman than me.I don’t need some little puke to stick up for me.
Like I said,who cares what you think.I sure don’t.I’m not starting anything here.Your a waiste of my time.I’m here to talk football.Not play little games with you and billy soup.
That is it for you.

Yup, lose an argument and come back with name calling. I am impressed.
The thing is that I am not trying to bash you. I don’t need to insult someone to make myself feel more important. You however feel that having the ability to bash someone is important, this only shows what a small person you are, you have nothing else in your life, nothing of meaning or value. To you it is important to be able to insult someone.

You had no rebuttal for the points I made so out comes the name-calling. I have yet to see you come up with any valid arguments to any point that has been posted on this forum, only insults.

Well go ahead and insult me and all the other fans. Let that be our contribution to help you improve your miserable un-important life.

Tell me again that you dont care what I think.
It becomes more convincing every time

You two do invest a lot of time in a day to express your feelings toward the other. I’d like to bring your attention to a new feature available on the Private Messaging. It’s not really like getting a room, but it does provide you with a bit of intimacy.

You should give it a try.

I can picture saskargo and ro1313 sort of like when a guy and a chick, let’s say lawyers, or doctors, start yelling at each other nose to nose…really giving it to each other, talking at the same time…then in a brief moment of clarity they pause…and then mash their faces together while embracing, clipboards and breifcases thrown aside as they fall to the floor of the huddle while buttons pop and a loosened bun allows rich auburn hair to fall loosely around a naked shoulder…Kinda like that eh?

thirdandten he can go in the room all by himself.
Ro1313 you haven’t made any points ever since being on this site.
Anyways I’m not going to lower myself to you.
You can still be the 10 year old on this site.
I’m here to talk football.
I haven’t seen any posts from you saying anything about football.
Always worried what Saskargo says.Just shows you have no life.
Anyways say what you want,I’m not going to lower myself to chat with you.
You couldn’t bash me if you tried.I’m just tired of it.You make the hudlle boring.I’ve been here longer than you have.I have bashed ALOT of people.If you think you are even close of being a good basher, think again.
You are a hypocrite.You have the same old lines.
I can take your grade 3 bashing.Sometimes your funny,sometimes your not.
Like I said,I’m here for football.
One other thing,you need a life.You take everything seriously.
I don’t take this site seriously.

saskargo…just dont be so over the top, if you want people to take u seriously, take them seriously…and back up ur stataements with REAL facts