saskargo alert

warning saskargo alert
her name is on the online member list right now. I was hoping we wouldn't have to deal with her again, but it looks like she is back

no threat soupman, saskargo is easily handled when shes taken her meds...

Check this out guys: Now on this site, you can track every posts one person made in a click or two (so this only takes up to four minutes! :wink: ) You just click on the member's name and then choose "Show every posts made by that person".

Therefore, if Saskargo comes back with all of her not-even-funny-insulting-and-senseless-stuff, she'll be easy to point out and she'll get banned.

haha, if only she would take them.
Any bets for how long she brings out the Gay jokes.
How bought for how long she is on here till she is banned again?

Thanks for the warning - I will keep an eye on the responses posted by saskargo. A new, a new beginning for everyone but will monitor closely.

Don’t worry Little Billy,and Thirdandten.
I’m going to start this site on a good note.
I will bash still,however no more gay jokes,or stuff like that.
Man this site is slow!!!

i'm sorry saskargo, but ur on probation right now. no one is gonna trust or like you for a while. ur gonna have to keep quiet and not talk smack for a while before you've been accepted back.

Yeah I promise to be good Eskie.
Great move on getting Jones.You guys sure look like a contender.
Hey rider fans how is Burris doing?Now that is funny!!!
Greene a starter.HAHA!!!!!!
There,that is about as rude as I will get.

sure...............thats uh.....a good start

Give her time, guys. Once the pre-season starts, saskargo will probably revert back to her old ways. Speaking of which, maybe we should get a pool going to see how long it'll be until she slips up

check out one of the smack forums, its outta control already.

what is wrong with saskargo...wasnt she gonna leave a while ago too?

I believe Saskargo's name is being used by someone else.

I don't. The same bad english, the same ridiculous claims, Its the same girl.

I do not know why everyone is up in arms over SaskArgo, She is entitled to her opinion and she does have a bit of a viper tongue. But I find that most individuals that she attacks on the forum hands out the same and does not like to receive a harsh asnwer. So Billy if you can not play with the girls take your dolls home with you. She does not like the Riders period that is her opinion, she is no different then many other fans here. The bragging of the Rider fans does sort of make you laugh.

Oh i am fine with her on here. Its the bad language, complete and uncalled for bashing of my beuatiful province, that I didn't like. I mean there was a reason why she got banned off the old site. I just think the fact that she made her name saskargo again, when she could have made many other names means she had no intention in changing. but so far she hasn't been bad. (well her ideas are bad (IMO), she just hasn't been offensive). And for the laughing part, the bragging of eskimo, stamp, and bombers fans make me laugh as well. so I guess it goes for everyone. Everyone thinks their team will do well, and that most others will not

By the way, isn't it funny that all fans start the season with very high expectations? I mean, it's obvious it would be disappointing to see fans start with a pessimistic attitude toward their team. But aiming for first place and the Grey Cup is the best way to be disappointed, isn't it?

I'm trying to stay realistic when thinking of next season. As an Als fan, I can acknowledge we should be less dominant than we were.

I expect 12 victories this year with the team we have on hand as of now. Whether that would translate in a first of second place depends on how our fellow eastern opponents do. I admit a third place would deceive me.

With a new captain at QB, it seems to me the Roughriders should focus on getting a winning record. A 10-8 record would probably get them in the post-season. Aiming for first place just seems a bit to much. I'd say Calgary should have about the same goal. A team so different than that of last year will need some time to get things going properly. More mistakes happen when players aren't used to play together.

Would I be a Blue Bombers, I'd set no other goal than winning the very next game I play... And I'd tell my stupid kicker to stop boosting my opponents with stupid pre-game statements...

I'd say BC probably has the toughest expectations to meet because 90% of people see them clinch an easy first place. They have very small room for mistakes.

It can be tricky to aim for too big all from the beginning, because if a few losses get in your way, then you see your overall goal slip away and you lose motivation. Joe Paopao should get that in his head. Have you guys read what he said was his goal for this year (today, on this site's front page)? TO WIN IT ALL! Come on, man. How can you stay credible in front of your players with such comments?

Third and Ten well said I believe you are totally correct. You have to learn to walk before you can run. Much like Daryl Sutter did to the Flames of 2003-2004. They played a few games each time with a short term goal which prepared them for the playoffs. The teams should have short term goals to be met and if they get into the playoffs then you can focus on the GC. Injuries can make or break a team as what happened to your team last year. If Anthony did not get injured in that game who is to say Toronto would have been playing in the GC. Right now Calgary needs to focus on just doing better than the last three years, if the playoffs happen that is gravy added to the dressing. As far as Sask IMO they need to do the same get to the playoffs period. All fans expect the best of their teams but again this can change over the season. No one expected Nealon to go down early in the season and I believe Burris did well, coaching killed them in the final period.

Have you read Dany Barrett's statement today on the front page of this site? He was asked the same question Joe Paopao had to answer yesterday. And what is Barrett's ultimate goal this season?

To get a home playoff game.

I can live with that. Barrett aims at a goal which can only be attained by a team with a good record, but he doesn't paint himself in the corner by saying "we wan't to finish first", or "we want at least that many victories".

And then, he says that if they reach that goal, they'd expect to play in the Grey Cup game... Note how he doesn't say "win the Grey Cup game". Though the Riders are more threatening than the Renegades, Barrett is more down to earth than Paopao... and thus, more credible.

Actually, I want to take SaskArgo fishing with me....She always knows what kind of bait to use. I get a chuckle as she puts something out there and the Rider fans take the bait every time. I say to myself, "Rider fans...let it go, you're walking right into it.." Sure enough, some one answers and away she goes.