would you sask fans do this deal

Kwame Cavil for charles thomas

I say let Thomas take stupid holding penalties for another team…never much liked him…I’d trade him for a practice jersey at this point.

Lol.. Yes I would:P

in a heart beat

I agree with my fellow Rider fans, I’d do that deal in a second.

I agree with you but dont say it too loud, The Riders front office might actually try to trade him for a practice Jersey.

…c’mon, daytona…you really think Shiv’s gonna listen to what the fans have to say? He hasn’t up to this point…why start now??

He won't, but he should be addressing the needs of the football team.. I'm an avid fan of Shivers, and I think we'll be losing a great GM when he leaves. He finds the needed talent when needed, although I wish he would be a little more active in the free agent market. All the years when he's been in Saskatchewan, they really havent got any proven solid player through free agency other than the attempt on Scott Flory a couple years ago..

Shivers is a great scout, unfortunately for Sask fans
not a great gm. Average at best.

Agreed 100%, Eskylo.....

I'm even starting to debate the finder of talent thing even. This year, more than the past three we need some good quality new blood. I have seen nothing on the radar yet. I was a supporter of Shivers in December. I will still support him for the rest of the year, but I sure hope to see something significant soon.

He will wait until the other teams have their cuts! The guys is to busy at the Star Dust!