SASK WON,But we lost our best prospect for GM -BT

With the lose in the Grey Cup, B.T. will what to
remain in Winnipeg until the Bombers get another
shot at the Grey Cup next year.
He was our best bet for GM, he did miracles in
winnipeg in just two years.

Your Comments??? :thdn: :thdn:


We don't need another QB!!!!!

Obie is our Man

What has he done lately??
And he is 67 and about out of gas. We need
someone more long term who shows more
vim and vigor.
B.T. is the man and we won't get him!!!

Sorry, all but we screwed ourselves when WE could have had Eric Tillman, (and Kent Austin, DJ Flick, Wayne Smith (well, you all know the names!)

That's looking back!

Now, lets look forward to hiring a New GM that will tell the team president to butt out of operations, and get an effective coaching staff together, and assemble some guys that can work together effectively within the salary cap...and if that means letting go of Printers, well, thats a juicy trade on offer!

I have a suggestion,the cats should hire
MIKE RILEY as GM. He has a lot of CFL experience
as well as won several Grey Cups for Winnipeg.
He has contacts in the NFL,CFL and college ranks.


I didn't notice any ex-cats out there.


He is the current head coach of the Oregon State
He not Going anywhere.

Riley grew up watching the Oregon State Beavers while his father, Bud Riley, served as defensive coordinator under legendary coach Dee Andros from 1965-1972. Riley was a hometown hero himself, as he was the starting quarterback who led the Corvallis High School Spartans to the state football title in 1970.

He considers the college town of Corvallis, Oregon his hometown.

i'd like to know why everyone is taking what mr onknight is saying as the gospel? can anyone please answer this question?. this is just a guy who made an observation based on his own thoughts. just because you run a website and claim to have "insider" info doesn't mean you all need to believe what he is saying. i would guarantee you that no one gave him this info-relax people and let the search play itself out.
if i could offer a suggestion to mr. onknight-
it makes for much easier reading if your thoughts flowed from your mind to your fingers, i think you're thinking way too fast for your fingers to catch up. it's tough reading your posts.slow down big fella, alot of people read what you have to say, fact or fiction.

           city legend

I keep that In Mind.. CL
As For my thoughts on the GM search
I have spoken to People who have their Pulse on the CFL Beat.
These People are Mostly Reporters and People in Football.

Most Think it will be Obie as our next GM .
Mind you these people are Not with the ticat Offices.
So Only Scott Mitchel knows for sure.
And is He not Talking

It dose come down to Personal Option
Last year I said Charlie Would be our Head Coach
He was

I said Casey Printers was Coming to Hamilton .
Again I was Right .

So I am pretty good at what Finding out what is what.

Obie I don't think is the right choice.
and you can quote me on that for future
B.T. by far is the best choice. he's a
mover. he grabed Barrin Simpson one second
after the free agent lottery started.
Obie is to old to generate any activity.

We must continue trying to get B.T. or go
in a different direction altogether.

Maybe Mike Riley if you doubled his salary
would accept the post.

Oh yes, bring in Brandon Taman, the guy who manages to piss off Charles Roberts every year by bringing in some ex-NFL star to "take his place."

Thanks, but no thanks. Taman has 0 class.