That was ugly but I will take it none the less. Glenn looked really good in the first half and Crandell looked pretty deent in the second half. Messy game for both. Could have went wither way..... glad it went the way it did. Sorry to the Peg fans.

Go Riders!!

Whoa , hold on , wasn't this game decided by the refs??? Come on, someone who saw this , tell me it ain't so , a team lost and it was the refs fault???

.....let the games begin..... :smiley:

.....sure know how to get it started, pennw..... :smiley:

I expect that from a 7th place team,not a 8th place team.LOL
Can't blame the refs tonight.It went both ways.
Man I could make a rider joke out of that one too.Go both ways!!LOL

Wow a CFL rarity… I know they only hear from us when they F up…so here it goes… GOOD JOB REFS :smiley:

Hmmm. . .I suppose in a roundabout way, then, it WAS decided by the refs - they finally decided to let them play. . .pretty well done. . .

Good game Ridas, good luck in the playoffs.........

Thanx Piggy…but we got along ways to go yet, but at least we are making it a race

Ottawa is folding like Martha Stewart, I think you can count on at least a cross over…

Well....that was a tough one. Westwood's missed FG and Ryan's shank, and Dailey's decision to punt instead of trying a 52 FG with the wind...costly!! Also...if Kevin Glenn would actually lead his receivers rather than have them turn around, jump and reach back for the damn ball. 2 passes the Stegall when he was wide open and he skips it both times. Reminded me of K. Jones.....sorry...just venting.

I agree with the majority either Glenn and or the OC should be benched and or fired for that terrible call. Your one first down away from a possible winning FG and you end up going semi-long down the middle, a throw you havent made all game long. Bonehead.

sascatchewan deserved to lose but they won i really hate those two teams because the esk are the best in the west :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :shock: :shock:

Daley called for that bone-head play ...pass up the middle.....what was wrong with running Roberts or short outs down the sideline and stopping the clock as you go....just one of the reasons why Daley should be given the pink slip and shown the door....bush-league...