sask win again

sask win again i think the argos got robed on both the goal line and the fumble, it looks like bc is going to have to win both those games in sask and here back to back to challange for first.

I want to see sask satrt playing edmonton and calgary and see were they are after that.


How can a game be fixed? Really I would like to know.

Only in their own little world! :roll: :roll: :roll:

I think Saskatchewan will have their hands full with Calgary in this next edition of Back to Back games. I see a split, and them comming out 6-1.

Have to agree with you sporty. They may even go on a 3 game losing skid.

Not "fixed"...all games are subject to human error. Refs aren't perfect, they just do their best. But, personally, I don't believe that calls make/break a game. Sure, they can shift the momentum, but a good team still manages to come out on top despite it. I mean there are a lot of plays in the game and if a ref blows one or two, there's plenty of opportunity to offset it.

That being said, I think the perfect record falls with Calgary.

I agree with Tim Donahee, theres no way you can 'fix' a game.

Refs aren't perfect, they just do their best.

Thats why they have challenges via slow mo high def video. It was as plane as day the goaline was not crossed and it was indeed a fumble. I must agree the argos where robbed of a W.

BC will beat them both games. Be the hottest team by the end of the season. Remember we went what 14-0 last year?

As much as I hate 2 admit! the team that wants it the most wins! weather BI ref calls dumb luck, BS whatever! It happens 4 a reason! I'm a great believer in what they refer 2 as Karma! and that BC sucks chant in the 4rth Quarter will come back to slap the Esks in da butt! Like I always believe you win well! you lose well! and all that cheap shot stuff will eventually come back 2 kick you in the nads when you think you have the world by the throat! 4 the few low class EE fans be lucky 4 every win! don't stick it in your oppositions face! look back at your last few seasons! your not that good and # 83 rant won't carry you to a cup! wake up!