Sask vs. Toronto - Aug 10 -Pre-game Thoughts

No doubt the Riders should easily handle the Argos next game on paper, but I recall about the same point in the season last year when we played an injury-riddled Toronto team, not unlike BC was yesterday with the expectation that it would be a cakewalk. We gave the game away, not unlike the 1st EE game of this year.

We had better play a full 60 minutes, like we did against BC yesterday and not like we did in the first Edmonton game. Use last year's TO game as a reminder of what happens when we don't - don't take anything for granted.

The Rider secondary should have a field day with the Argo backups.

As a neutral observor, Unless the Riders have some injuries from last night,(Or Turkeybends Grey Cup float runs over someone) this should be an easy win next week.

As long as Austin keeps them focused they'll be fine. But if not, I recall not too long ago a 2-1 Rider team coming home to face a battered and winless Argos team. It was a Saturday night, near-sellout, the atmoshpere was electric....and somehow Jimmy Kemp managed to channel the spirit of Joe Montana, and by the end of the first quarter everyone was looking for nearest tub of beer to drown their sorrows in.

With Kent Austin I feel confident the Riders will come out and play Toronto hard, and win. Danny Barret probably would have been much more complacent in this situation.

Go Riders Go!!!

I agree.

Riders have to get the ball to Cates early, Take some of the early pressure off Kerry so he can settle into the game… So many options with Cates! What were you thinking Calgary!!!

The big question (as with all 'rider games this year) will be Kerry Joseph. He can either play well enough to help keep the team in the game, or he can stink out the place. He seems to have one or two adequate games often followed by a stinker.

He is a good enough QB but his lack of consistancy (especially with the accuracy of some of his throws) prevents him from being a great QB.

If Kerry Joseph is on his game, the 'riders could hand Toronto their biggest home loss of the season. If he is not...

So which Kerry Joseph will show up?

Oxy, you are 110% right. If KJ comes out over throwing guys and constantly going 2 and out like four weeks ago against BC, we'll definately lose, but if comes out like last week, or the week before, we definately could win. I think coach Kent will keep him in line.


Riders: :thup: 35
Argos: :thdn: 10

Ummm....just a guess, but they were probably thinking "Joffrey Reynolds".

Yeah, I don't think it would matter any way, they practically never run the ball.

If Butler can keep the 'Rider defense off balance with his legs & avoid turnovers, I think the Argo defense will respond with turnovers of their own thus spoiling Kent Austins return.

As long as the O Line gives KJ protection, it should be a Rider win.

My main concern would be that Toronto still has a pretty good defense. Im not worried about the Riders defense, as they've been solid every game so far, but rather turnovers by our offense which lead to easy points.

If we can limit the turnovers, I think we win this game going away.

I'd rather be optomistic about the Riders winning, than declaring the game won before the Riders even get to T.O. Hopefully the guys realize that T.O. is vulnerable, like BC was, and not give them a chance to get their offense rolling!

Any game T.O has won in the past two years has surprised me and after losing a 20 point 2nd half time lead to the Shmoes i don't think lack of focus will be an issue.Yes the game hinges on our QB's performance and i must say Thanks to Austin KJ has regaind confidence and is playing into his own strenghts,final note,play Fantuz like we played Elgarrd and Fantuz will be fine....Riders by 7......GO RIDERS

Toronto's offence did not do too bad with Butler in at QB, but I dont think they can score a lot of points on the Rider D, especially if Joseph can eat up time when he is on the field. If he runs well, uses Cates effectively, the Riders should have no trouble winning this game.

Toronto is toast.

If rocky butler does not turn the ball over and uses his legs well this game will be closer then most people believe. Toronto has a great defence that will keep them in the game and an unbelievable special teams,i still expect the riders to win but i suspect it will be somewhere around the same score as last week. My prediction 24-12 riders.

Toronto's defence is good certainly, but so far this year I think Saskatchewan's defence is the top defensive unit in the CFL. They are playing with an enthusiasm and intensity that I don't think any other team has matched. Give Richie Hall a lot of credit as coordinator.

I honestly dont understand how Richie isnt a Head Coach somewhere already.