Sask. vs Eskimos

Mike Reilly and Durant putting up the stats; Defense on both sides will be ready to go, should be a dandy.

I don't share Schultzies optimism about the Eskimos, but the way the Riders D has struggled recently and the Edmonton improvements on offense it should at least be an entertaining game. Got to be better than the dog ending right now.

I enjoyed that dog ending now!!!

Well of course you did. Nice kitty, niiiiiiiiice kitty.

I am soooooooooooooooo disappointed. Saw Black on the LPGA Canadian Open broadcast yesterday and thought we got a weekend off from this idiot. He must have pictures of someone at CTV/TSN in a compromising sexual position. No other way to explain how he stays on the air.

He must of went to the Brian Williams school of stating the obvious.... Gawd I hate both of them

How many people are there with all those Riders fans? Looks like a big crowd.

Paused the start of the game so I'm a little behind. Did Rod Black Black really say Simon was about to be the "all time all time"?

Just when you think this moron can't get any dumber he shocks you. :roll:

Hey at least its not Steve Armitidge. Although he wasn't too bad at football, hockey was brutal. "Shot, save!"

Not very creative, but at least accurate. Black hasn't a clue what he's talking about. He still wants to "tack on" 15 yards on a no-yards penalty.

Glad to see Murray Clarke is once again putting everything he's got into this game.

Gord Miller is a lot better I'd say. I've always liked Gord Miller, kind of looks like my uncle.

Look up understatement in the dictionary and you'll find that statement.

That he looks like my uncle? lol jk

Yeah no it really is understated. He was always good with the World Juniors I believe he used to do, and he's great at CFL.

I think Miller took the World Juniors after Randorf.

Anybody hear about how many people are in Edmonton yet?

Just announced at 41,000 plus.....Reilly playing well, pass TD to Koch - Eskies lead 24-22

Wow 41,000! That's awesome! Good news for the CFL. Even with the Riders fans that's a good crowd for the underachieving Eskimos.

Would love to see commonwealth get back to the more regular 40,000+ games. Saskatchewan with the recent 40,000 game. Looking very good going into the return of Ottawa.

Great game up and down the field…Anderson picks it off in the endzone - 29-27 Riders lead

Helmet-to-helmet hit. If it caused the fumble, then no fumble - reviewable play. Except it wasn't called, so fumble stands.