Isn't it beautiful to see these two average teams go toe to toe, knowing neither one of them will have an impact come playoff time... and yet they seem motivated.

Can Congi punt even worse? :oops:
Can Barrett lose a more obvious challenge? :stuck_out_tongue:
Can Burris go through a game without throwing an interception? 8)
Can the Stampeders prevent a second Western team to go above .500? :wink:

Answers to these questions in 2 quarters of football... :rockin:

I missed the challenge, what was it?

it was a terrible one.

Ok! Thanks :lol:

Ha! Ha! Ha! And Burris just threw an interception!!! :lol:

CALGARY 16 , SASK. 6 , 3 Q

CALGARY 23 , SASK. 7 , 4 Q.

Its now a final, congrats to the Stamps. Riders choked again in a big game, as is their M.O. Calgary , IMO, didnt have a great game, but good enough to win. The Rider offence took the night off, but the D didnt do too bad in this one , giving up 23 pts, but we need someone who can punt the football, Congi is only a placekicker.

Could the CBC do a worse job of covering the game?

i guess if you look realy closely and a real pessimist you can find somethign wrong but i thought cbc did well

CBC is brutal.... or at least was tonight but Congi I thought had some pretty good punts. Just my take.

Go Riders!!

...if Montreal comes here next week and wins it will be of little consequence, they are supposed to...if they lose, get ready to have your nose rubbed in it mon ami 514MTL.......

Choked again in a big game? Are you implying they don't choke in little games? They choke all the time! You'd think you'd be used to it by now! Riders are a farce.

On the other hand, as much as it pains me to say, Calgary looked solid. If Buris can make better decisions and get his interceptions down I think this team has a chance to go all the way.

Well Tonight the best offensive player for the riders was the streaker who ran 105 yards! Yup that was it! Taman this guy is not signed! But really the Rider offense did not score a TD tonight. The other part is did you know the STamps own the Riders yet again another season. Just getting boring! By the way I would like to thank all those rider fans that came to the game great bunch of fans. They just have to learn to cheer when something happens for their team. Prior to the game they were loud but after that first quarter not a peep! Wore themselves down! But really they are great fans and I enjoy when they do come here. Makes the game exciting! Yogi math again does this mean BC is not good because the riders beat them and now the stamps beat the riders but wooo the Lions beat the Stamps this math does not work Yogi!

Agreed Redwhite2005, they were loudin the parking lot but that was aboutit. Great game all in all for the Stamps, noticed Cope only got about 3 chances the whole game.. and the swing pass to reynolds was the bomb. Anyway, lookin' forward to MTL... I'm thinking we get the split from them.

You know these Green fans are good natured fans and have lots of fun! Now if they can bottle that up and sell it to Bomber fans it would be great now would it not! :thup:

Oh! My G... Is this post serious? I guess you aren't familiar with having a good punter on your team.

When Lafontaine or Duval kick, they get 50-60 yards often. Congi, who often punted for 25 yards is doing an awful job.

You can't win the field position battle with Congi. :roll:

If you manage to win, enjoy it as much as you can. I have no problem with that. :thup:

However, I really don't see Burris' Stampeders making it all the way this year, so savour every moment. :stuck_out_tongue:

You know , I tripped on something lying on the ground yesterday,and it was rock. I looked under it and found EE, trying to bash the Riders yet again. Hows the view from the basement EE? Are you straining your neck and your brain from looking up? All us above you are trying to listen, but the sound is muffled from the lack of cohesion in your posts. Take a look at the standings again buddy and try to tell me that the Eskimos dont suque big time. Riders had a bad game , and if their pattern holds true again, they will follow up with a good game the next week. Bad news for your Esks , it looks like you might fall two games out of third place by the time next week is done.

Why is EE getting so much attention? I am jealous! :lol: