Sask. vs Blue Bombers

I really like how these guys look surprised when they get penalized. First Willis with the late hit, then Boatman for doing a WWE impersonation on Willis after he was down and out of the play. You're the ONLY guy in front of the ref, did you really think he wasn't going to notice?

The Bombers have a couple of great up and coming Non-Import receivers in Watson & Poblah. Could provide great ratio flexibility in the future. Watson in particular is having a great game and season and will only get better

Watson has certainly looked good, a big strong physical receiver. Poblah has a lot more to prove, he's been hurt a lot and hasn't looked that great when he's been healthy.

Decent enough half, Willy has for the most part looked good. Made a bad decision and it cost them 3. I still think he has a ton of upside and will be a star in this league.

Watson is really good another NI ready to step up is shawn Gore in BC

The Bomber are going to bring the House against Willy in the second half the Riders will need to counter with the TE sets that worked so effectively last week and Willy will be fine with proper protection as he has good pocket presence and he like to go to Getzlaf and dressler when he is in

Nice toss to Dressler from Willy down to the 2 yard line - TD Sheets 20-14 Riders

Really nice series. Willy had protection and the Riders got the ball to their play makers dressler and Sanders. Foster will be playing hard with Carr in the wings having a big receiver is going to be nice option for the Riders.

WOW talk about a no yards penalty 30 yard penalty

Couple of hard hits being dished out - that 15 yarder on Winnipeg and a Roughness call is going to hurt.
Bombers get the sack - now the Bombers have to move the football. punt single..Sask. leads 21-14

If the Riders could TACKLE this would be a completely different game.

Turning into a good football game though.... FG for Winnipeg - 21-17 Riders

Tackling is a problem for a surprising number of players in the league these days. Seems like math - something they don't teach very well anymore.

Though really you could say that about a lot of things. It'd be a very different game if the Bombers could move the ball in the red zone even half as well as they can outside it.

More Discipline problems for the Bombers. that was plain dumb

Yeah. Shame too, it was a great play until that happened.

Just turned on the game (was watching Andrew Luck suck and enjoying every minute of it :lol: ). Looks like the Bombers showed up. Who would've thought. :lol: What happened to Durant?

Really stupid play by Mainor.

Sandro comes up small. Thats a money kick need to hit that in the clutch the reason why he has dropped from the elite Kickers in the league

Durant; Tackled and landed on his left hip [late in the 1st Quarter]- it's on ice

Wow. Did Willy really just sack himself? lol