Sask. vs Blue Bombers

Sunny weather tomorrow in Winnipeg for this tilt; Go Bombers....Shine on :rockin:

One change for Winnipeg; switching Jovon Johnson from CB to strong side place of Brandon Stewart.

Not the start that Bomber fans were hoping for, fumble recovered by SSK on the first play.

and it begins again, fumble already by winnipeg.

Good response though, hold the Riders to a FG then move the ball down field in a hurry for their own FG. 3-3.

And 10-3 Bombers at the end of the quarter.

I swear nobody posts around here during the day. Westerners like to sleep in? :smiley:

i guess, it is the same thing during the argos games... would a bombers' win put the ticats in last place in the east? if so... excellent.

I'm here on hidden control and game tracker for now anyhow.
10-10 now - D. Willy to Sheets TD

Wow gaping whole on the Bombers defense there.

Go Blue!

Love this league...blowout one week, and the Bombers come out fightin' the next... :thup:

has anyone else listened to the winnipeg radio broadcast? they have no excitment, they make the game sound very boring. they have very little life.

on a touchdown it was just touchdown, not TOUCHDOWN! kind of lackluster.

It would, Winnipeg currently owns the tiebreaker against Hamilton.

Sit Getz and Huclack. No effort

Fortunate call for the Bombers, it's a call that's hardly ever made (the right call though).

Getz needs to sit. Didn't even work back to the ball

Nice drop Getz. Sit this guy.

Winnipeg needs to work on being better at taking advantage of opportunities. When you get an INT deep like that, you need to convert for a TD more often.

Still the FG ties the game at 13, and this is a pretty solid effort.

He really has struggled this year.

he seems to do that every year, he'll find himself eventually... or he'll find himself out a job if he doesn't.