Sask vs B.C. ...Your Call for July 10

What's your call guys for the July 10 game? I'm figuring B.C. but not by much. If it goes down to the wire or into over-time i'm hoping Saskatchewan pulls off its 13th man shenanigans yet again. That would be hilarious!

Printers and company are looking for payback time after letting a close one slip away last year. Jamal is looking for another 100+ rushing game. The team is pretty healthy. The D shut down Edmonton but then again Edmonton's O is suspect. It will be outdoors on our home turf. Will that make a difference? The crowd is a sell-out of 27 000+ ravenous fans. The Sask fans don't like the Lions. [remember a year or 2 ago when they threw full beer cans at the Lions'
bench?] This will be a great opportunity to stick it to the Sask fans who no doubt will be glued to their TVs there in gopher land.

If the Lions are on their game it will be a tough one. If not then the Lions I figure will be blown out by a huge score. While McCallum was on his game against Edmonton, the Lions were only able to score one TD. Not good when facing Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan picked up where it left off last season by matching Montreal TD for TD and coming out on top. Montreal is in a class by itself and Sask beat them. That speaks volumes. On the flip side the Lions played with an intensity in their opener that I was looking for all season last year. I hope they sack Durant all day!

I'm guessing that this one is going to be a low(er) scoring game. We have some obvious weaknesses on our defensive side, hopefully Miller and co. has addressed them, especially coming into this game. I like your current O-line, and I believe it's going to be them that will either make or break the game for you, because I still don't believe Printers is the answer for the Leos. In our last game, Calvillo saw an obvious hole and exploited it with Alexander. I would assume that has now been corrected. 13th Man? If it happens again, feel free to make all the jokes and cracks you want, somebody would certainly deserve it. But you won't have to say anything, we will be doing our own screaming.

Other factors, new stadium for you guys, your depth vs our depth. I think this is going to be a close, close game. A down to the wire game. There won't be any blowouts on either side of the fence. I hope it's not going to come down to a kicking game, we are suffering this year, and it looks like Paul is still drilling 'em. I say SK by 7.

Im thinking Riders by 4 or 5. Wasn't impressed with Printers. Not sure if BC can match score for score. Hopefully I will be wrong! :wink:

To me the key matchup will be BC's running game against the Riders' run defence. And because I think that is the key, I can't make any prediction. . . Montreal didn't really test Saskatchewan's run defence very much, whereas I expect the Lions will pound Robertson a lot so this week it will be tested. . . who wins out? I have no idea, just looking forward to the matchup !

Good appraisal neilca. I forgot about Alexander, although he did come through big time near the end of the game [maybe it was in overtime]. I agree about Printers. He’s got a lot of skill but sometimes the brain and body are not in sync and he panics. Also he needs to play with a cooler head. If he starts dwelling on missed passes etc. he won’t be focused and then he messes up even more.

The 13th man? If it happens one more time someone should write a song or do a 5 minute animated cartoon about it. During the Montreal/Sask game I was watching some of the Sask fans. They were actually laughing [in disbelief] when it happened.

It will be interesting if it will be low scoring. Both Durant and Printers love to rifle the ball 60 yards when they have the opportunity. But you just never know. If both teams are on their game it will be something else. If one team or specialty team is off then it could be curtains.

Really hate to say this, but realistically, I think at this point of the season, BC will get spanked by the Ruffies. I say Sask 42 (all TD's), BC 20 (2 TD's 2 FG's). Esks had no tape to analyze, Sask does. Durant will dismantel our pass coverage - especially Franks. The O-line did a great job opening holes for Robertson, but couldn't give Casey enough time in the pocket. He's good when he has the time; not good when he doesn't. Where's the fullback - extra blocking coming from? Having said that, I do believe this team will mature and improve with time, and a game against Sask may result in a surprisingly different result.

Excellent post Pastasteve! are really trying to nail this one down. Not only are you predicting who will win and by how much but you are actually predicting how the score will be arrived at.

To be honest with you your assessment looks pretty darn good. are you at picking stocks? Mine are currently down.

Perhaps you can suggest which sector to focus on, which stocks to buy, when they will be going up and by how much. And most importantly...when to sell! Do that successfully and you will be "Pastasteve, clairvoyant extraordinaire! :smiley:

One game is insufficient basis to make a prediction, particularly the 1st of the season.

I'm hoping BC will win, but expect it will be a battle to the end if they do win.

Dear Mr or is it Mrs 'Beaglebound' ... Not sure what your issue is here, but it appears it has something to do with when someone's opinion might differ from your own (how dare anyone...!!). I'm guessing you're not a lawyer by trade - certainly not a constitutional one. Maybe your pants fit too tight, or you had a hard day(?). I don't know, but... who cares? My expressed opinion of the upcoming game is just a calculated guess, Mr Authority. It's no different than what sportscasters, journalists and guys do at the Shark Club 2 hours before each game. I doubt very much that anyone first checks with what you think so as to not offend YOU - perish the thought!


Wow. Slow down. You completely and totally misinterpreted my comments. Firstly, I said your post was an excellent post. Secondly, I reiterated that sentiment by saying your assessment looks "pretty darn good." How you would not see that you were being praised and appreciated is beyond me. Your opinion was not being criticized in any way.

My comments about picking out stocks and being a clairvoyant extraordinaire were tongue in cheek and intended to flatter not to put down. I think if you read the post again you'll understand I was not in disagreement with you but quite the opposite. And if I were in disagreement I wouldn't say anything. Why not? Because I asked for opinions.

Point taken. I appreciate you clarifying that. Sorry for the over-reaction on my part, and thank you for the compliment.

You're welcome.

I am really looking foward to this game despite not orginally giving it a first thought. After watching the Riders and Mont game the Riders looked very strong and the passing game looked very crisp, Durant had a good game and him and Dressler looked like they where joined at the hip and had some great passing between each other. Of course you have to think about SAS's weak link in the last game Donovan Alexander but i doubt he will have the same game he had last time. I cant say anything about BC seeing as i missed there game but i have them winning but it will be down to the wood but i still have BC taking it in the end.

The Lions will win ... after Lulay comes off the bench to replace Printers. I have not been impressed by Printers play, which seems all over the place... especially for someone who has been playing for some years now.

I agree. Full credit to the guy though. He certainly wants to win and he's a real competitor. Sometimes he looks brilliant. Other times he has tunnel vision. If he's made up his mind to throw it to a certain receiver he will do that even if the guy is in triple coverage and 2 other guys are wide open. That is not inexperience in my mind. Lulay on the other hand seems to have the "gift" of seeing the entire field at once. Both will do a lot of good for the team as long as Wally isn't stubborn and and in one of his mindsets to keep a QB in regardless.

Well with 40% of the team with either new players or players in new positions, I will say it may take time to get the train rolling. So I'm not too concerned about Saturday's outcome, but a win over the team with drunk fans that like to throw beers at my team would be even more sweet!

You remember that do you? I'm with you on that. Because of a few jerks and idiots it puts the entire Saskatchewan crowd in a bad light. I hope the clowns that threw the beer cans [full no less!] not only got ejected from the stands but were banished from the Stadium for life. They should have been horse whipped or better still tied to a tree and had full cans of beer hurled at them! No excuse for such abhorrent behavior.

cmon everybody throws beer - it shows that you appreciate the other team. Let the Lions drop the hammer on them again and they'll really love us big time.

A little birdy told me there'll be a very cool surprise right before kickoff. I don't want to give it away so I'll just say get your cameras out!

it better not be a naked woman jumping out of a cake :wink: