Sask. vs Alouettes

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If Montreal wins this game, then just one more win by them, and one more win by Toronto the rest of the way will ELIMINATE Saskatchewan.

As long as they're mathematically alive ... :roll:

Hey tabbiefanmcb, here is the translation - Hamuletin Tagger Skats are on the bye.

Riders 39 - 22. Riders 7 - 11 record ends up slurpee ing from the cup in Winnipeg in late November. :wink:

This forum is no fun without the Hamilton fans. Me thinks about becoming a Tiger-Rider fan and start posting over there.

:D :thup: Now yer talking :thup: :D Hey taylorfield, I just happen to be on the new membership committee drive for our forum. I'll put in a good word for ya :) :rockin:

There are too many whiny cat fans as it is. No more 8)

LOL!! Thanks taylorfield! :lol: :lol: They are certainly a talented bunch if they are mules, tigers (taggers), and cats (skats) all rolled into one!! Better watch out when you come to town or they will kick, bite and claw you!! (Just kidding of course!) :lol:


Crompton isn't a starting QB in this league. A bunch of throws high or low or behind so far. When you have a D like Montreal's you can still be a good team without a QB.

9-1 Riders partway through the first.

I agree with you. He may have the leadership skills but he needs his receivers to constantly bail him out. Late last season the Ticats D was able to expose his weaknesses.

Rider receivers have someone decent tossing them the ball so they'd better stop dropping all of those catches if they're going to win - and I picked them this week :o . It's my birthday and I'd like to have a perfect 4-0 week so GO RIDERS!

Crompton had an unreal arsenal of tall athletic receivers last year constantly bailing him out and winning jump balls. He lost Duron Carter to bail him out. Montreal is still a dangerous team, but they'd probably be up there with Hamilton with a real pivot.

Story of the riders season lol. Should be up 21 to 1

Happy Birthday tabbie - 12-1 Riders so far.

Could’ve been 16-1

Yeah I don't know that any team has left as many points on the field as the Riders this year. They've had probably 6 touchdowns called back. I like the way the D is playing so far this game, and Crompton is erratic.

Bagg dropped and Smith dropped.

Thanks taylorfield - I'm watching! :smiley: Hope that they don't have their 4th quarter let down today.

Why do you think Popp went out in free agency and signed (or traded for) all those veteran receivers like Stamps, Lewis Giguere? Needed to surround his so-so pivot with receivers who could hopefully bail him out like Carter & Green did.