Sask @ TO Game Thread - Jul 11

Difference in this game was discipline. Adriano Belli needs to pick his spots....after 8 years in the league what's the chance :roll:

Joseph looks sore, very sore....

I disagree with that because the QB will just concede the safety.

Just now??? :lol:

Not that I think individual awards matter in a team sport, but he’s gotta be in the running again for D player of the week.

Im rapidly becoming a Charles/Baggs fan… I have to admit… I was really worried before the season started and still am concerned with some aspects… guess next week against Montreal will be the test. But nice to have another W in our column.

Great game & 2 wins early in the Season for the Riders.

Riders might have the 2 best DE"s in the league. Chick & Baggs are very dominating

Is it just me or does Gord Miller not have a clue ?....every second comment he made was either false or inaccurate.

Milt Stegal may be a great football player but an analyst he is not. First he announces Kerry Joseph as Sask starting QB then Does not even know Durants first name all the while saying he was the reason for Stevie Baggs success and cant believe why anyone would want to play in Regina. Milt your not a Bomber anymore and you dont have a Grey Cup ring ....get over it.

Lets pray TSN smartens up and drops both these duds

Great start for Baggs and the Riders, but you played 2 of the worst teams in the league, so don't lose your water over it.

2 and 0 is a great start for Miller and his team. Trash talk from a Bombers fan? Put 2 and 0 together and you get 20. The number of years since Winnipeg won the Grey Cup.

I like Milt, some people seem to get up in arms about what he says, but I see him as one of those sarcastic tongue in cheek guys. He's rarely serious and I think he'll do well with TSN.

i think alot of people are, i sure am, the guy is great, he could get his second straight defensive player of the week award.

and i loved seeing him school Rob Murphy on a few plays :thup:

Anytime anyone takes Rob Murphy to school it's a good thing.

Congrats on the's to a great game this weekend.

And, for what it's worth, if TSN was going to ditch an announcer, I'd rather they kept Miller and sent Rod Black somewhere far, far away.

You, sir, speak nothing but the gospel truth.

What do you mean? All the Lions fans brag about being the 2008 West semi-final champions, the best team in the league!! 2-0 looks good i think. Look at the spreads. Stamps lose to Montreal and Winnipeg. BC loses to Sask and Hamilton. 1-1 splits here and there. Yada yada yada. Why doesn't BC, Calgary, or everyone else but MTL get mealy mouthed for blowing goats!!! Riders are 2-0 and we're gonna take recognition for it same as any other fans would!! Oh you don't deserve recognition, you went 2 and 0 against 2 bad teams, get over it, Riderville's rising up, we're coming on strong, dont get in the way cause lightning might strike twice baby!!!

With all the changes to some of the powerhouse teams from last year.. and all the changes to all the teams this year.. Who is to say who is the "worst teams" in the league? Perhaps the Ti-Cats will surprise everyone and start an upward swing this year.. Perhaps the Lions or Stams will take a downward swing.. The only team that I really see so far as being a team that is still in the dominating column so far this year is Montreal..Dont think anyone should be doing too much trash talking this year.. at least right now anyway...

If your team is playing well after labour day, get excited. That is a true indication of how good your team is. It takes teams 4 or 5 games to completely learn their systems and get the new players and rookies comfortable in there positions.