Sask @ TO Game Thread - Jul 11

I was at my son's soccer game so I arrive and the Riders are down 13-7. 5 playing minutes later and they are up 23-13!!

Sounds like I missed some sloppiness on my Rider's part, but since I've been watching, it's TO with sloppiness - penalties and turnovers. Hard to win like that.

Quick question about a play that happened earlier (I didn't get a chance to post because I was reading other topics). Kerry Joseph was sacked in the endzone, and as a result, the Argos had to kick from the 25-yard line. I know the new rule is if you concede a safety, you have to kick from the 25. But Toronto didn't concede that safety. Joseph was sacked. Does that not matter?

Oh, and I need Sask to lose or it's another 1-3 week for me. :oops:

Nice punt return by Morris - maybe my green guys get a few more points before the half ...

... oops, maybe not - big sack by TO ... Charles missed a block

Dresslerrrrrrr!!! TD. Up by 17 now.

Someone saying Durant can't throw the long ball??? With a sore thumb on top of that..

Toronto is gift-wrapping this game with their stupid penalties.

TO has had 5 major penalties ... not good.

Another Rider sack, too. That was a secondary sack. Joseph had time. block!

Okay, this isn’t funny anymore.

That’s another 7 more points.

BTW, nice to hear from you jm. This was feeling like a personal journal again …

I take pity on those who talk to themselves. :stuck_out_tongue:

...hope the Riders keep it up in the second half. Slow start for them, but capitalizing on temper-filled errors by the Argos is paying off huge...

Wow. Yeah, I came in at 16-13 Riders, and every time the CFL live page refreshes, the score goes up. Is it all because of the Argos imploding, or are the 'Riders actually playing well, too?

The riders are playing quite well in all three phases of the game but I must say that, in my view, it is 70% because of the Argos imploding - way too many stupid major penalties. But D and special teams have kept the field very short so it was not as difficult for the the O- harder to judge the O because of it, but if points on turnovers is any indication, they are playing spectacular!

I wonder what the record is for most points in one quarter.

I think the rule needs to be tweeked a bit, in the case of safety being conceded through a sack or a loss of yards then the conceding team should be able to kick-off the 35. Kicking off from the 25 should be reserved for intentional concedes.

I think the problem with that distinction is that it can be too subjective as to when it is "conceded" I think a more objective distinction would be when a kicker gives up the safety. Otherwise, I would say a kick-off at the 35 would be more reasonable.

BTW, sorry Chief. Didn't see your post - guess I wasn't alone back then after all.

anyone know where I can watch the game online? apparently tsn doesn't show games live on broadband anymore. Stuck at work today, and it sucks to be me....

I'm fine with that, Legal. If the kicker concedes the safety, put it at the 25 (I'm not a big fan of that rule, but I'll accept it). But if the QB is sacked for a safety, put it at the 35. No reason to penalize them more. Their QB was just sacked. :lol:

I’m rapidly becoming a Baggs fan…

Try Justin TV (not sure of the URL, but you can Google it). That's how a buddy and I watched some of the NBA Finals on my laptop. You won't always get a good feed, but hey, it's free.

Thanks Cheif!!! You are a hero here at work!!!

Just an observation. I like Charles and is definitely serviceable to pass the time until Cates gets back, but there are five six times this game where I see him on a called play up the middle but the whole right side is completely, and I mean COMPLETELY vacated by the TO D, but Charles doesn't seem to use his peripheral vision to see something beyond the called play. Something the coaces hopefully see on film and work with him on it.

It's a long season, I know, and two weeks isn't everything, but WE'RE ALONE IN FIRST IN THE WEST!!!! Better to be first than last after two weeks!!