Sask. TD not

-The first TD for Sask. was he not a lineman hes not a elagabile receiver is he????

-The challenge on the goal line it was a fumble he was on top of a Ticat player when the ball came out.

-The last TD -holding on Foyld and the ball didnt cross the goal line and watch his feet hes out of bonds.The coach should of used a challenge.

-The last 37 secs the ref said dont start the clock ontill the snap of the ball and the clock started on the whisle in why????

Yes but he Reported so He can catch a Ball

Jake did not see it that way .

I agree they should have use it .

This things happen Bottom line we lost fair and Square
should be Great Game when the Green Riders come to The Hammer

Actually #74 lined up as a tight end so he was eligible. (also in the CFL numbers in the 70s are eligible receivers).

Yes, I remember the old days, late 50s early 60s, all receivers wore numbers 70-79, no one back then wore a number in the 80s.

8) As was the case of good old Dave Viti, who wore #70.
 He played both Off. End and Def. End during the games  !!

  I also remember some players would just throw on a temporary half jersey, with an eligable # on it, 
  over top of their permanent jersey, to make them eligable receivers for that certain play  !!!

just wanted to say that in that play Sask. lined up in a double tight eye formation meaning there are tight ends on both sides and a QB, FB and RB stacked over the cetnre. this is the most common goal line stance because all seven guy that you are allowed to have on the line in the wash, with 2 WRs to the sides and two backers ready to run or block.

In this play the Dlineman who has an eligeble number played the offencive right TE and can catch. when you watch it, you get a great view of him doing a quick out and being open

It was a dumb play to be honest.
From one yard out there are better options than throwing to your big lineman.
It worked, so all the power to them.
Had he dropped it or bobbled it for an INT the coach would have been in a little hot water.

You can't challenge a penalty.

If we're talking about Dressler's TD... he clearly scored. He dove at the cone, and hit it. Didnt step out until he landed past the goal line.

The only TD that is debateable is Dresslers. And the only debateable part of that play was the non holding call. Shiite happens, the cats caught the same break last week against the eskies win a hold on Cobbs run to set up the winning TD. No matter what you guys made it a game. After halftime everyone in our section was ready for the cats to make the comeback and win! We were super surprised that the riders didn't completely melt down, but if not for the wind in the 4th, who knows?

Dave was High school Shop Teacher

And drove a car.

IIRC, he wore a blue ball cap

Cool I didnt know that