sask offence # 1?

honestly, not complain or crying or whatever red2005 will want to say. this is a serious question.

how is sasks offence ranked number one when the bombers have the most efficient QB, the leagues leading passer, the leading rusher, leadin reciever, three recievers in the top 10, and the touchdown leader(roberts)?

can someone answer that for me? thatd be great thanks're right James.....but unfortunately my son has rosy-red glasses on most of the he can't see bluengold....he hates Taman and it blinds him to the fact we have a team that is top-rated (hopefully we'll finally show that Sun.)...stats. are fine but doesn/t always show the entire picture of a club....this team has finally got chemistry...they're having a lot of fun on and off the field....just watch the practices....those are the intagibles that really make a winner....goBigBlue...

Where does it show Sask as the #1 Offence? they do average more points scored per game, but i'm sure the D has helped them out with that. We are averaging just a tad under 400 yards off offence per game, tops in the league. To me that is the biggest and most telling stat.

To have the best rated offense, you need to lead in more then passing yardage. Saskatchewan beats Winnipeg, in time of possession, yards rushing per game, passing touchdowns, and the most important average points per game.

In terms of which offense is the best in the league right now. I would say it is between Sask, Winnipeg and Calgary stats wise. The deciding factor is the give away - take away. Sask and Winnipeg are virtually tied here, so I would give a slight edge to Sask in terms of number 1 offense.

Glenn is obviously a threat and is doing exceptionally well this year. It should prove to be an interesting game.

I agree that it could be debated, but to me it's Winnipeg, and I'm trying to be objective. Again, they lead in the most telling stat TOTAL YARDAGE, not just passing. When you average 400 yards a game, that's a helluva offence.

All parts of the offence are at the top of the league, from the Oline to the recievers, running back and QB. That is what separates Winipeg and Saskatchewan. Sure they have a good run game, but looking at the whole picture, Winnipeg's Offence is better IMO.

winnipeg is always slow out of the gates, and dont get going until the 2nd half..that will be thier downfall tomorrow, IMO.

well, that and thier inconsistant kicking game.

I will give you the 40 yards difference in total offense, to me that just offsets Saskatchewan's advantage in special teams (field goals, etc) and time of possession. Saskatchewan offense still comes out ahead in the end with Total points.

Total yards is useless unless you actually do something with them. You could have 10,000 yards by the end of the season, but it wouldn't matter if you weren't scoring. Saskatchewan has scored more points than Winnipeg, through TDs and FGs. In fact, Congi has more points than both Winnipeg kickers combined.

Again, to me, total yards is the most telling stat for an offence, just as I believe that fewest yards against is the most telling stat for a defence.

Theoretically you could have an excellent special teams and always start off in very good field position, and pick up alot of points without moving the ball very far. Also you could have bad special teams, always start off deep in your own end, have to put together big drives to put the points up.
The first example could outscore the second, but would you say that the first has a better offence?

Saying who is the best at anything is always going to be opinion. In my opinion it is Winnipeg. I would put Saskatchewan and Calgary as good arguments though.

One more day to settle the issue right? That should answer the question. But then what happens if they split. Never any clear answer in this game.

Generally, when ranking offences, points are not the biggest consideration.
To many other factors come into play--defence, special teams, turn-overs, etc.
I'm not saying it isn't a factor--just not the biggest....
So a conventional ranking does see Winnipeg's offence ranked #1.

[url=] ... ked_id=240[/url]

Blue Bombers Team Rank: Passing Offence -- 304.5 yards per game (1st in CFL); Rushing Offence -- 104.4 ypg (5th); Total Offence -- 396.9 ypg (1st). Passing Defence -- 271.0 ypg (5th); Rushing Defence -- 105.4 ypg (4th); Total Defence -- 346 ypg (4th).

Roughriders Team Rank: Passing Offence -- 251.3 yards per game (5th in CFL); Rushing Offence -- 123.3 ypg (1st); Total Offence -- 356.3 ypg (3rd). Passing Defence -- 255.5 ypg (3rd); Rushing Defence -- 57.3 ypg (1st); Total Defence -- 283 ypg (1st).

It says right there... winnipeg has the #1 offence, saskatchewan has #3. Like LetsGoBlue said, who says saskatchewan has the #1 rated offence?

What if a team gains tons of yeards on offense, but cant punch it in fo the score? Knowing that, you couldnt assume which ever team gaining the most yards is the best. Lets just take a look at the Eskies from last year: they had the quarterback with the most yards passing in the league + a 1000 yard running back. Did everyone consider that they had the best offence in the league. Dont think so. Did they make the playoffs ... nope. :slight_smile: (lol only a smiley face cuz it felt good them not making the playoffs after beating my Als in the '05 cup!)

And, for arguments sake, lets just look at last years NFL REGULAR season(not playoffs or anything like that): to my view the Chargers had a way more dominant offence than that of the Colts. Colts had Manning who passed for over 4000 yards + 2 good running backs in Addai and Rhodes. BUT the Chargers had Tomlinson who ran for 31 TDs. I think that the Chargers offence had to be considered slightly better than the Colts'.

Anyways, you still put up some good arguments Letsgoblue.

Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't the #1 offence the team with the most points scored?

Case Closed.

Total yards is a better measure of offense than points scored. Yards measure offense only, but points come from combined defense, offense and special teams. Surprisingly, BC has the highest average points scored. Does BC has the #1 offense? No.

Why is that? I mean, when it comes down to it, points decide who wins games, who loses games, and who may get 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th in their division...

nobody was saying points arent important it just isnt how u rank a team in terms of offence...usually if you can move the ball and average nearly 400 yards a game total offence you have a good shot to win i admitt sask is playing better this season on defence but you never know kerry joeseph will have a whole lot of barrin simpson, doug brown, gavin walls, and tom canada in his face on sunday!!!

Points are an indication of a good offence, but they reflect the over-all play of a team as well.
Offensive stats are not the be all and end all of how good an offence is, but they more directly reflect upon the ability of the offence.
They aren't mutally exclusive--great stats without points or wins won't get the same credit.
But Winnipeg is winning and scoring, plus they have the best stats.
All that equals #1 offence.

This very site, the breaks down points scored by offense alone, taking away any special teams or defensive scores.

  1. Sask 213
  2. BC 203
  3. Wpg 198
  4. Cgy 196
  5. Edm 176
  6. Mtl 167
  7. Tor 160
  8. Ham 131

While it's still debatable which stats count for more, yards or point, it's obvious both are near or at the top of the league. Nobody has the clear cut best offense, let's leave it at that :wink:

You trying to stop everyone's fun Dusty?
It's Labour Day.
Let the debate continue...!!
Anyway, the reason why points scored just on offence don't really reflect just the caliber of the offence, is, if the defence recovers a fumble at the 2 yard line, the offence still gets 7 points.
Same with special teams constantly giving a team a short field.
Now it is also true that short fields will affect total yardage and time of possession, but if a team is constantly driving the ball 75 yards, but sometimes settles for field-goals, that doesn't necessarily mean there is anything wrong with the offence.
The fact is, if you have to go 15 plays to score, the odds of not scoring, no matter how potent your offence is, go way up.
Anyway, all the stats are interrelated, but generally, actual yards gained stats are a better indicator of potential to score, than actual points scored are.