Sask needs a punter

Congi may be good enough on field goals, but his punting is costing what looks to be 20 yards in field position each time he punts. I called up Roy to tell him to release Charles Thomas and bring in an import Punter, but my call didn't seem to get through. I guess I will try again tomorrow.

Seriously, to me those are two easy changes that would strengthen the Riders.

We'll give you Burke Dales and Steve Burrato for George Cortez and Gainer.

You Rider fans crack me up. Are you guys ever happy? Give the kid at least half a year before you jump all over him. Last time I checked he hasn't missed a field goal since the first game of the season and Taylor err sorry Mosiac stadium isn't exactly the easiest place in the world to kick. The blocked punt wasn't his fault and then the next punt in a key situation with Howell in his face AGAIN he boots a nice 40ish yarder out-of-bounds which basically sealed Calgary's fate.

Oh well enough ranting. Go Blue Machine!!!

I would actually consider that an upgrade. At the very least Burrato could don the Leonard (other gopher) outfit, and we would get at least 10 yards of field position back.

I noticed he was taking an extra step to get his bounds on most of his punts...probably what cost his team that blocked field goal in my humble opinion...oh well, at least the Green and White pulled through. Congrats Sask, you fans deserve it.

Since when is asking for an upgrade from your team a Crime?? Field position is a very important part of the game which we lose badly from his under 40 yard punts..He said nothing about his field goal kicking which is super... what was it?? a year ago Pegger Fans were screaming bloody murder.. Axe this guy.. fire this coach..

Since your a newb maybe you should read posts more carefully before spewing your garbage

Agree Dentor...ya need long punts against the wind, in the wild West..

Wow!!! Absolutely hilarious. As a Bomber fan I defend a Rider player and I get absolutely trashed for it. You Rider posters make me laugh :lol:

You made the intial comment fueled by your obvious dislike of Rider the same guy that posts on the TSN websites? ..if so ..same garbage new website.
This sites about football

We'll give you Pat Fleming for.... uh, we'll just give you Pat Fleming.

Hold up, i take the quote, "Are you guys ever happy?" offensively. im one happy rider fan, man. Luca Congi is gonna be a great player for the riders for a long time i think. that is my Miss Cleo physic thought of the day.

err.. call me up? i averaged 49.6 yards per punt in the NS highschool league last season at aged 15. and in the cfl, timing isnt nearly as crutial as in ncaa, or nfl, ive watch the last few weeks of cfl, and no body came close to blocking a punt (unless it was a shanked snap) theres no pressure, and punters in the cfl (with exceptions mccallum, and prefontaine sometimes) get them off within 2 seconds, the rest take like 5 seconds to get them off, and they still blow. congi is a joke, get him outta there, get some local kid to play who would do it better and for next to nothing (summer job lol).

He's a great field goal kicker and we should definitely keep him as our field goal kicker. Rider fans are just starting to wonder if we should have a separate person doing the punting. Congi is averaging less than 40 yards a punt (but seems to be getting better) which gives up valuable field position. As for the blocked punt, I can see it coming all game long, he was taking to long to get the ball off, probably around half a second to a second more than he should have.

A team should always be looking for ways to improve and not become complacent.

:lol: That's funny...I was going to post a very similar message until I saw yours.

Wait a few weeks, Jon Ryan will be cut from the Packers, and he'll head to Regina, not Winnipeg!

Me thinks the Peg still owns his rights yes no?

i read a post just like this 3 weeks ago, and i disagreed. but after giving congi a chance to get better i've realized he just isn't a good punter.

nfl punters stick around forever, meaning that not many college punters make it in to the league. tha areana league doesn't even have punters. i say try an import punter out!

ps. every team should always be striving to make improvements, that's how you keep the league competetive!