just some comments.

A.C. and CAHOON , are having great games for MONTREAL , so far!

SASK. [it took them 11 hours to get to MONTREAL : flight delays : however that airline is NOT out to get you :wink: ]

As of yet SASK. , can't catch the ball , but MONTREAL can. :shock:

MONTREAL..................21................SASK............0........ with 5 minutes in the second Q!

SASK. , fans better hope that MONTREAL blows , this lead , or it is already over.

The crowd looks pretty good! :smiley:


It looks like that crossover winless streak may continue.....Saskatchewan came out looking confident, but came apart after that early interception in the's going to take a lot of work to climb back into this game, and Montreal isn't going to lay down and let them take over.....

CRANDELL , just threw a great pass to MONTREAL. :lol: :smiley:

This not looking good!

wonder how Greene is gonna fair in the second half… there gonna have to take crandell out

whadda catch by watkins!

BYE BYE RIDERS......see u next year!

( where are those who said the crossover was the easiest route to the grey cup? )

END OF THE................ 1st half

MONTREAL 24...............SASK..................0

SASK'S. , only chance now is to hope for a great CFL comeback , cause by MONTREAL thinking that they have already won!

Agreed that they're likely not going to win, but at least you boys could show a little class. There's still 30 minutes of football left. At least quit being asses, and wait until the fourth quarter.

They wanted a crosover
Thats what they get.

yes mom! [for , jm02] :lol: :smiley:

exactly, ro1313...rider fans shouldnt have bad-mouthed the east so much!

"OH, were gonna cross over and whoop the east and go to the grey cup"

we heard that so much this season, its only fair we all rub it in when they ask for the crossover, then get a BEATING.

it ain't over yet , this is the CFL , but it does look good , at this point for, MONTREAL FANS!

Not all Rider fans did that, and I can absolutely guarantee that if the riders were ahead by 24 right now, every one of you would be whining because some of them would be gloating. It is poor sportsmanship to be this way. The Riders are not going to win - ineffective quarterbacking, receivers who are afraid to catch, and a defense which is collapsing won't do squat for you. Rubbing it in our faces only shows a lack of class. I have never rubbed a Rider victory into anyone's face on this forum - ever - and yet there are people who do not respect that.


HT, quit being a colossal jerk.

There is still a half of football left do not give up so easily Rider Fans!

people brag after every win…this isn’t anything outta the ordinary.
it happens on a weekly basis on this site.

i think were all happy we dont have to hear rider-fans talk smack anymore…

It's part of the game....get over it....the next best thing to seeing Winnipeg win is watching Riders get beat. Since I can't have the first request, I'll take the 2nd any day. Face it, there are some Rider fans out there who make it bad for the lot of you...can't take a bit of trash talk....then maybe you shouldn't turn on your computer.

All I know is that the roughies are gonna lose and I'm loving every minute of this! Go AL'S!!!

I know that you are upset :lol: however , can you show me 1 post were I was rubbing any thing , in.??????????? I wrote at least 2 times that this game was not over , how SASK. could win , I wrote the score , I made jokes. TOO BAD :lol: :smiley:

And you are not , MY MOM! LOOK IN THE MIRROR! and grow up!