I think we have a excellent chance against the Als, they are not near as powerful as when they rolled into town last year...but have been on a roll of there own lately

Calvillo is always dangerous....Neutralize him first and we have a chance...getting to him though wont be as easy as Dickenson in BC....I consider the ALS to have the second best O line behind us.

There Gambling "D" ways have diminished.... but they still bring the house on occassion... One thing the Riders need to re-establish is the Run..Montreal's D looked awfully weak against Calgary's Run and getting KK back in the Lineup will help.

As always Win Or Lose.... I hope its a great game :smiley:

Yes, Dentor - you're right. The Als are not looking at all like the teams we've seen at TF in the past. However, you're right about the O-Line. If we think our team can play against them the same way we played against BC (with an obviously weak O-Line), it could spell trouble. Putting Keith back in will be the key, but it wouldn't hurt to use Nealon on some second and short situations. That will keep the Als defense guessing - they'll likely have trouble figuring out where he's gonna go, since he's good at faking handoffs. I wouldn't mind seeing the reverse a little more out of these guys either - always loved that play!

Yeah i think it will be a great game but what the hell happened last time we faced the french footballers? They completely demolished us, on every level not just our offense but our defense too. Why that was i cannot say, As far as bringing in GREENE on 2nd and short i say, NO. He is notoriuos for fumbling on any run play. You mentioned the O-line for Montreal what about their D-line and D-backs? There are some big guys there......
Anyways off topic i took some poor sapps money (Huge eskimo fan) in a bet he took THE LIONS and I took the RIDERS. I told him that I need 2-1 odds in the bet and he agreed. VERY SATISFYING WIN.

How about a pitch out or a sweep?? they have NEVER ran one this year WTF is up with that?

they are probably saving those for the playoffs when they really count. If you don't do it all year, they won't expect it and it could catch them off guard for a big gain.

I hate that stupid play when the QB throws the ball to the WR right off the snap. 90% of the time the play is just a waste of a down, and the other 10% of the time we get about 5-yard gain usually. That play is sooo predictable.

Its like they are scared or stubborn to diversify the offense...
one thing I did like... is they are attempting to go deep with Thurman..anyone ever notice how in most cases he is wide open deep? I mean even when Greene was QBing he was open ...problem was no one could hit him unitl now.....
even Crandell threw some quackers earlier...but that TD pass was a thing of beauty....didnt have to break stride at all...

hey, do you know if Kenton Keith is playing against the Als?

I assume so... since he is practising again

Great... I hope he can get a huge running game going. If he can, we shouldn't have any problem securing the "W".

Oh we will still have plenty of trouble getting the W. But the running game will definetly help. Any game against the top echelon of the league is definetly a struggle for any team. We will not blow anyone out this year. We just aren't a huge big play offensive team. we are a ball control team. Keep the ball out of the other teams hands, and when they have it stop them. Thats how we win the game (really really simplified.)

Riders need to use some imagination on run plays I always like the option pitch out that Slack used a few years back they need to do more screen plays and even throw in some reverses. When I watch some of the games I can tell by the way they are lined up if its a run play and of course the defence can see that. I wish they would also use Zarka more.

Like in the past game, Szarka was in like three times, and all three, he lined up as a slotback (yeah, right.....) and then came into the line as basically a tight end. Then, they ran it inside. If I can see that sitting on my couch over a thousand kilometers away, maybe the defensive co-ordinators could too.......

When Greene was our QB, I thought a good play would've been to have KK, Holmes and Szarka all in the backfield at the same time. You'd basically have 4 different guys that could have the ball. Even now, it would be about the same. Crandell's not quite as much of a runner, but he's no Danny Mac either. If we're a running team, why don't we try to confuse them about how we're running the ball every once in a while????

42monkey your exactly right. It would really give us a bigger threat to other teams if they did that. I'm tired of KK or Holmes standing beside Crandell or Greene and he just hands it off. I can see it coming and so can the defence. Lets use some imagination. Sure the running game is working but for those games its not is because they see it coming i think and this could happen come Montreal game.

I have been saying the same thing all year. Marcel has not used too much imagination in his play calling. In regards to the Szarka play where he comes in motion from the slot to a tight end position: Just once I would like to see them fake the handoff, have Szarka leak out and throw him a 5 yard pass. He would likely break it for a huge gain because everyone and their dog will be expecting the run. I will never understand why the Riders haven't at least tried this play this year.

Hey guys, as an Al'S fan i'm not here to trashtalk or get into an argument...

I just hope for a great game on will be hard for Mtl to win @ TF....but both teams still need that W to have a playoff chance...

R.Edwards is back, E.Landry is we'll see ! :slight_smile:

I agree on so many levels from the great big white SZARKA not being used enuff to the predictable run. You all know whose fault that is dont you? Marcus Beufelle or however you spell his french name. He needs to go. We have on field talent that makes him look good, but sometimes his true colours show and our offense cant get it going cuz they dont try anything new, whether that be in practice or in game i dont know but we need to try something new before the league catches up with us.

Oh and somebody answer this for me please. Is the Calgary Sask game on the 23rd of Oct in Regina or Calgary? the website leads me to believe Regina but I have definately heard otherwise.

That would be awesome if the last game of the year was for first place. Just take it one game at a time.

#589, it's in Regina. They've already played one in Calgary this year.

If the Riders defense can keep playing at the level they have been these past few weeks it could be a long night for Montreals offense. The defensive line needs to be able to get past Montreals offensive line, harass the quarterback, and force AC to throw the ball quickly. This could be easier said than done considering Montreal has a pretty good offensive line.

The Riders offense have been putting up enough points to win games but they still do not look great. The offensive line is as solid as its going to get, and is providing a lot of time for plays to develop. (someone said earlier this week that printers could, stand behind the Riders offensive line during a play. slip into the pocket and order a pizza on his cell phone before the defensive line gets to him.) However offensive production is still down from where I would personally like to see it. Some of it is dropped passes. other parts of it is trying to run up the middle when there are no holes in the line. But I personally think the biggest thing that is holding down offensive production for the riders is play calling.

Marcel needs to send in plays that keep the defense guessing. Remember last years game in Montreal. I wondered if Marcel was sick sending in a play where the o line ends were out near the slot backs. But it worked. Marcel mixed it up enough to keep Montreal off balance and the Riders came home with 2 points when a lot of people said Montreal was going to crush the Riders. I think Marcel is due for another game where he mixes things up.

The Riders hold their destiny in their own hands now. It is time for this team to play like the champions we all hope they are and for us as fans to supprt their team by making it a very noisy place at Taylor field. The Riders have a home playoff game if the season was over right now. It is up to the team and the fans to make sure that doesn't change. I just cannot see Montreal walking out of Taylor Field with a victory.