Sask/Montreal Next Week

This is going to be a close game. Both teams are angry and coming off two losses. Both teams undoubtedly want to get back on the winning track. But it all comes down to discipline. The team that sticks to its game plan and avoids stupid penalties/ turnovers will win.

I'm going to go with the Als by a slim margin only because we're playing at home.

Theoretically, there is nothing wrong with our front 7 on defense. It's essentially the same group from last year (minus Megna). As the Don said, if players cover their gaps and stick to their defensive assignments, everything should be fine. On the other hand, if K.J. starts freelancing again, or if Strickland falls down in man coverage on a blitz, it could get ugly for us in a hurry. Kenton Keith is to my mind the most talented running back in the league and Nealon Greene is no slouch at running either. If we contain those two on the ground, we should win.

Will be Interesting to see How Greene reacts to a brutal game against Ottawa, if the Riders can stay close and not let Montreal build a hugh lead they have a chance.

If Greene does falter I hope that Barrett will pull the Plug and let Crandell play, I feel its our only hope in coming from behind.

Greene and Crandell are both inconsistent players and should be utilized as such… Remeber the Austin/Burgess Duo? one faltered the other came in a played very effectively.

Riders get behind by more than 14 at the Half they will lose, if they are close or leading, its anyones game.

Really? Welcome to Molson Percieval! Where will you be sitting? I'm in section B1.

Right now Montreal is leading by 30 something.

It was about time the Als made a statement. However, we still have TO and BC to defeat before we can really say the Als are back.

Yeah, they have to beat one of the bigger teams. At this point, beating the 'Riders is hardly a statement. Unfortunately.

what is going on in the game right now?

what is going on in the game right now?

who has the ball and where?

who has the ball and where?

Looks this one went exactly how I predicted. Not panic time in Sask yet though.