Sask/Montreal Next Week

Both teams coming off of two bad losses to teams that they should have easily beat, should make a good match up eh. Think not. I'm the first Rider fan to say that we have absolutely no chance of winning the game next week in Montreal. If Matthews loses again for the third time in a row, and at home yet, and against a bashed-up Rider team that doesn't even have a snapper now -- well I'll be one happy Rider fan and some guys in Montreal are about to lose their jobs. But our Riders losing 3 straight on the other hand, now that is about standard.

Montreal: 56
Saskatchewan: 13

Better luck to us in two weeks from now in Ottawa.

To be fair, I don't think our defense will give up 56 points :slight_smile:

Yeah, I agree, I'm pretty giving up 56 points would be highly unlikely. Now that I've said that I hope I don't jinx them.

Well, it is Montreal after all. Calvillo is capable of scoring a touchdown from anywhere on the turf really as long as he has a receiver in the endzone. And with our defense as scrambled and frustrated as it will be, I wouldn't put it past them. We managed to have 21 points scored against us in what looked to me like the worst offensive showing I've seen in the CFL yet this year. The Gades offense tonight looked worse than Hamilton in any of their 4 games, and yet we still allowed them to win. I doubt Montreal will only manage 2 first downs in the first half like Ottawa did. I'd say about 20. Not to mention the extra points we will be giving them each time McCallum runs out the back of the endzone from when the snapper fires the ball over his head. And interception returns etc. 56 points will add up fast...

The stamps might have lost tonight but they are right on the riders tale in the standings and will take over 3rd spot next week.


The way the Riders are playing, its gonna be an ugly in Montreal, I dont think I have ever seen a worse quarterback in accuracy than Greene, I mean Christ the guys throwing 5 yard passes at the recievers feet.

As with all CFL teams, its the Quarterback that sets the Rise & Fall of most games, and we are falling hard.

Booris did the same thing last year until he got untracked. Will it happen with Greene? I Just dont think he has the ability, with 3 intercepts and 2 fumbles he single handedly lost this game. Watching Dickinson & Burris throw long bombs with ease tonight, while he cant complete a pass over 10 yards really shows his lack of ability.

Sad part is Barrett's gonna stick with him.

This will be one of those early season games that really sets the tone for one of these teams. We are going to see what they are really made of and who is the contender and pretender. I wouldnt right off the Riders chances, but it is defenitely gut check time for both teams.

not that I wish it but Cavillho goes down early with an injury then the Riders win in an upset. Always tough to win on the road. Name the teams that have done it this year without a fluky play.

This should be a great game.

The offence isn't the problem in Montreal. Calvillo isn't the kind of guy who comes up short many times in a row. So the Alouettes should put a lot of points on the board.

However, if our defence hasn't addressed its problems, it will be ugly. With Greene, Keith and Holmes on board, the Riders could run around the field like crazy dogs.

With Marc Megna and Almondo Curry back as starters, things could be a bit better. If not, it will be crazy:

Montreal: 53
Saskatchewan: 52

(1 point edge for home field advantage)

I dunno...I'll have to see it to believe it, I think we only get maybe 100-150 yards rushing because Marcel won't be giving Holmes many if any touches. And Keith being the power runner, won't get much room unless the defense can chizzle a hole up the gut on the odd play. The rushing will be more than likely spread between Greene going around barely making the first down and Keith charging up the gut.

We'll see more or less the same play-calling as was in the Ottawa game, so the work load is going to be on Nealon this game to get the first downs consistantly. And with these little 5-yard passes that keep hammering away on the first down yardage we are bound to mess up against a team like Montreal. Expect to see some interceptions returned for touchdowns. Holmes will be on punt return I reckon though, instead of Dorsey. I was shocked not to see Dorsey in the Ottawa game, the weather last Friday was prime for him.

Maybe it isn't hopeless after all, if we can hit the endzone on some of our drives we are in good shape, but agains I say we lose the ball in the red zone more than we convert. McCallum is no problem, is it the snapper so field goals are no good. Nealon won't be allowed much to throw the long pass so we'll have to rely on Montreal's defense to completely buckle and let us chizzle away at 5 yards plays all the way to the end zone. But if they hold us to 2nd and long situations etc. we are done.

Man, have you ever seen a thread like this one? Fans of two very capable teams doubting theirs will come on top.

We should be ashamed of ourselves.

We'll kick your green tractor drivers' arses!

Well, I know I am...either way it does now look to be a fun game.

Thats better.

I'm picking the Riders to win. I mean, think about it. Win every once in a while against a team that everyone thinks is better, then lose all the games to teams you should beat - sounds exactly like the Riders m.o. throughout the years. True, losing three in a row does sound more like a Riders thing than a Montreal thing, but they (Montreal) were 2-14 way back in 1982, so it is possible.... :lol:

It's going to be a crazy game. I hope the Riders win (coming from a Bomber fan's perspective, it means a completly different thing) but am betting on the Als.

I think sask will win from by around 30 points :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I could see us losing 31-6 or something like that on a FG, safety and a single if Crandell doesn't start.......... IMO

Montreal will take this one by 17 points.

like someone else said, i can't see the don losing three games. but...sask is due to prove themselves, they may win then lose 3 after. either way i will be at the game in my green szarka jersey! go riders.!!!!