Sask. / Mont. game who are the refs?

And why are they so terrible?

oh bull. they havent been bad at all.

Aside from that 3rd and 1 call in the fourth, I haven't noticed the refs. But this is the CFL forum, so of course there's going to be a topic criticizing the refs. :lol:

Seemed ok to me. Hell they caught the riders at their cheating with the too many men again. Good on them.

They were bad in the first half.

Called a phantom pass interference on the alouettes. Then when Bagg was jumped on before he touched the ball, they never called one.

BUT, they were very good in the second half.

I question a couple of things, one is there were receivers ahead of the snap on both sides, is the league going to give a yard past scrimmage all year?

Second, the one play near the end of the half where the Rider guy was 10 yards off side and Montreal got an off-side penalty. Was he so far offside that the officials missed him?

montreal player moved first.

That's not a new thing. For the last few years they've given receivers some leeway when they cross the line in motion.

It was the first game of the year for everyone...

I think the review policy in the last 3 minutes is great.

I didn’t see a phantom call - in fact, on replay, I agreed with every potentially-borderline call that was made (although I will admit the Bagg play you talk about isn’t jumping out at me…must have not made much of an impact to me, then…). I thought it was a decently-reffed game, and that the challenges worked effectively where human error would have let the teams down.