sask looks beatable

Why mess with success?

hehe gotta love superstition.

LOL SOMEBODY had to start this thread. I agree, SSK looks beatable in the upcoming game. With them not being able to determine a starting QB, we can really mess with their timing by relentlessly pressuring them. Our secondary has come up big in the last few games, and I think we can take advantage of the SSK QB's innesperience and shut them down.

You can bet Skatch will want to do a number on us.

anybody know why its on a sunday night? just seems a little weird.

but yes, they definately do look beatable.

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Especially without Fantiuz.

The game is on Sunday because it takes a long tlime to get there by tractor when people finish work on Friday. GO CATS GO :thup:

36-19 Ticats.

Pretty aggressive I think it'll be closer than that

It could be more than a TD difference if the Cats win the turnover battle and capitalize on Rider mistakes. Ball security has been a BIG issue for Saskatchewan thus far, particularly at home. I expect the Cats to surprise the league yet again! Regina is always a tough visit. It should be a squeaker, but in this league you never really know…:wink:

Oski Wee Wee,


My mandatory "It looks like a tough game to win" :lol:

Tiger-Cats 42
Roughriders 33

lmao that made me spit my coffee all over the computer desk …Great Canadian humor ballboy
I think the Cat’s will go into Sask and run the ball all over , up the middle everywhere which will get those backers taking huge step’s forwards will break open the short dumps and be very successful at keeping those chains moving all night . Go Cat’s Go all be watching with my corn on the Cobb while watching Cobb …

There's a lot more to Saskatchewan than farming:

Potash payola is what dome dreams are made of. LOL :wink: There is no dome talk without the energy sector of Saskatchewan driving that bus!

Banjo manufacturing and wheat aren't the only things on that prairie!

Oski Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeet,


Hamilton: 23
Sask: 16

You got OUR score correct...

I agree that the Green Riders look beatable.
But you'd have to play more than 15 minutes of football to win.
Spin that whatever way you want but the bottom line is they only showed up for the Third Quarter

You could really tell the weather conditions and wet ball really bothered Porter last night. Alot of those throws were slipping out his hands. The riders spent a couple days practising with the wet pigskin(lol I know how it sounds). I'd say it was a good call from QB coach Baressi.