Sask looking at possible domed stadium

Sask. is considering a new domed stadium for the riders although its not a top priority they say it is a real possibility

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This will not happen any time soon if it isn't at the top of their priorities if new hospitals and such are at the top, which they should be of course.

Our Hospitals in Regina have had extensive work and extentions done to them as well as apgrades in equipment. This is the province of Medicares birth place, remember. Our Province has acumulated large amounts of money from our oil industry in the past few years. It has become a has province and probably won't even recieve an equalization payment from the federal gov't. this year. Now is the time for it to be built before such costs go further threw the roof. The province is booming at present even with global econemy being that which it is said to be.

They will build it and they will come.

Good for Saskatchewan. They have worked hard with their beloved Riders and deserve the domed stadium that is being studied by local politicians and businessmen.

My best friends live in Saskatoon and my wife and I recently vacationed with them. They also mentioned that Sask was becoming one of the more financially affluent provinces in the country, mainly because of large revenues from oil and potash.

A domed stadium would be so appropriate for this very cold province if they can spring for it.

Good luck Saskatchewan!

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