Sask Kicking situation

Regardless, neither was very good...

Maybe Luca strengthened his leg in the off season. I hope so cuz I was never impressed by Boreham. There's a reason why he lost his starting job in Hamilton.

I cant think of anyone who was impressed with him haha

As a ticat season ticket holder I would say the reason he lost his job was inconsistency. He would boom a kick, than shank one. His "average" kick was not that stellar.

He gets downfield on his short kicks in an attempt to recover them, unfortunaltey he was running down field too much trying to recover them. If you are a returner going up the sideline Jamie is going to ring your bell, for a little guy he can hit.

I like his heart, I just don't think he was able to master any kind of consistency, which as you know is probably the most important attribute for a kicker.

He spend a lot of time working with Bernie Ruoff the last two years, I don't think in the end it helped him enough.

Last year he couldn't beat Pat Flemming out for punting, so he did kick offs and fg's. He's not going to do FG's for Sask this year, so I don't know what he will be able to do.

I’m starting to feel a little bit better about our kicking but how good is Jamie punting???

Whatever happens, there MUST be an improvement in punting. The 'riders consistently lost the field position battle throughout the 06 season with poor punting.

I hope that Congi improves his punting because having to have two kickers on a game day roster instead of one is a luxury most teams can do without, including the riders.... Our CFL rosters are too small to have a whole host of specialists on the bench...

Here is a link to the new punter.