Sask Kicking situation

Luca is a God...but he sure needs help with his punts.I sure hope we get ourselves a decent punter.I thought we lost atleast 4 games last year as a result of field position.Anybody have any comments or info on this?

I'm sure its a punter is coming.

Luca has a good kicking leg.. If we are able to work with him on that ( stretching and leg strength training, he can do it )... but in the meantime it would be beneficial for a good leg change @ punter right now.

Its not like they cant find a punter... They'll get one.

good import punters are a "dime a dozen", but good canadian punters are hard to come-bye.

we'll bring a few import punters in to battle it out in training camp.

side note: why didn't we keep rob pikula last year(as well as luca)? he was a good punter, canadian and young.

imo "pi-luca" would have been a good canadian kicking tandem!

want to know why we didn't keep pikula. Because Shivers/Barrett didn't want to pay two guys to do the kicking job which would have cost them as much as it would have to keep McCallum. They (mostly shivers I am guessing) were very stubborn about this.

Also heard that as soon as Tillman came, he offered to bring in a punter but Danny didn't want it.

This is from a pretty reliable source. I am sure there might be some different reasons as well, but I am pretty sure this is the main one.

I agree that we definitely need a new punter but I also have to say that Luca needs to work on one aspect of his field goal kicking...

He has a weak leg. Basically, anything over 45 yards and he couldn't be trusted to make it. I think that you need to have confidence in your kicker to make those 45 yarders and also have confidence he would make the majority of field goals within 5-10 yards over that...

I guess we've been spoiled tho. McCallum and Ridgeway were great long distance kickers

Having gone to TC most days, I think the answer was simple, Luca was better than pikula.

why not keep both?

unless you're saying luca was a better punter aswell.

from #'s i saw pikula was waaaay better, on paper anyways.

but i admit, i didn't seen him punt more than 3-4 times.

GIVER you obviously didn
t read my above post. I already told you why they didn’t keep both

Yes from what I saw at TC Luca was the better punter.

Actually if you went to training camp pikula was a better punter then luca all through camp it was the field goals that luca had been better at. Just like in the game when pikula came back to play sask, punting dominated so we should have kept both here.

Roy didnt want to drop the $ on both... Hind sight is 20/20 as well..

looks like we dont have to worry about Luca punting now
Tuesday, March 13, 2007 - 12:45PM

Boreham dealt for Washington

Tiger-Cats, Roughriders swing trade

HAMILTON ( wire) –- The Hamilton Tiger-Cats traded non-import kicker Jamie Boreham to the Saskatchewan Roughriders on Tuesday in exchange for import defensive lineman Alvin Washington.

“Going into this season, we looked to improve on all areas of our defence,? said Tiger-Cats general manager Marcel Desjardins. “Alvin is quick and agile for his size and he has an great opportunity to make an impact on our team.?

Washington, a 6-1, 280-pound native of Columbus, Ohio, signed as a free agent with Riders in January 2007 after spending four seasons at Boston College. During his final year, he started in 12 games, recording 28 tackles, four quarterback sacks and nine tackles for a loss as a senior. During his collegiate career, Washington dressed in a total of 42 games for the Eagles and finished his career with 74 tackles, six quarterback sacks and 15 tackles for a loss.

Boreham spent his first three CFL seasons with the Tiger-Cats. Last year he finished with 50 kickoffs for 3,056 yards and an average of 61.1 – the best in the CFL. He also had 26 field goals with the longest for 47 yards. In his first two CFL seasons Boreham handled both the punting and place-kicking duties. In 2005 the Vancouver native finished fifth in the CFL connecting on 71.9% of his field goal attempt. He averaged 39.6 yards on 116 punts and 58.3 yards on 77 kickoffs.

The 29-year old spent three seasons at the University of Manitoba as well as one year at both the University of Saskatchewan and the University of British Columbia.

“We’re very happy to acquire Jamie,? said Roughriders general manager and vice president of football operations Eric Tillman. “At the conclusion of the 2006 season, we were very honest about making a commitment to upgrade certain elements of our kicking game. Luca (Congi) is a fixture as our field goal kicker, but we expect to have a strong three-man competition for the punting and kick-off positions.?

“We wish Al all the very best. He’s a good young man with a bright future.?

Boreham has been less than impressive so far in his career, so don't get the "no vacancy" signs out at the punter spot just yet.
But if he just does kick-offs and punts, maybe he'll be okay...
Or he might just be cannon fodder.

Luca (Congi) is a fixture as our field goal kicker, but we expect to have a strong three-man competition for the punting and kick-off positions.?
I like this statement. Shows Luca isn't going anywhere as place kicker, but bringing in some people to bbattle for punter. And I am sure Luca has been working on it in the off season as well.

Here's my bet... Boreham doesn't even make our team out of training camp ( because he is a piss poor field goal kicker (70 percent average roughly) and he's not much better than Congi at punting if he punts like he did in Hamilton and averaged only 1.6 yards/punt better) However if Boreham punts like when he played for the bisons (42.8 yards/punt) then he would be a great punter for us

I think that it will stack up like this

Field Goal -- Luca Congi
Punting -- Either Luca (if he's improved) or an unknown
Kickoffs -- probably Luca (even tho Boreham is a great Kickoff guy)

I think that Luca may come out to training camp and really surprise some people, after having worked on leg strength all off season. If he hasn't improved, then it could be just an unknown guy (from Cdn Uni or the states)

Well I guess we will have to disagree on this, I was at TC almost every day I thought that Luca was the better of the two.

Boreham lead the league in average kickoff distance and you are still saying Luca will beat him out? holly homer

Well Luca has shown he is a good field goal kicker, so unless Boreham turns out to be a much better punter, I can not see Boreham getting a roster spot just to do kickoffs.

One thing to remember about Lucas kickoff average is that the team did a lot of pooch kicks, in fact I would say over 50% of the time it was a pooch or a short kick. Now they may well have done this because they did not have confidence in him to get it down field, though I believe he did have a 75 yarder when his kicked off from the Rider 35 one time.