Sask hayseeds at it again

re poll - Who would you take 1st overall in a CFL Fantasy Draft?

sheets has most votes. Only one sheets should be more than is Mathews of wpg.

Dont you people have field work to do :stuck_out_tongue:

I know I voted for Sheets. The guy has the potential to break it for a big one every time he touches the ball.

so does a dozen other guys, but who actually does it the most?

Hey everyone it’s another Green Kool-Aid Jamboree in Saskatchewan today!

In other real news …

I love gree Kool-Aid

..gree isn't actually a Kool Aid flavour any case, the combine-pilots have gone to sleep, Cornish is leading (rightfully so)

Oh no Red and White, that's not what we are hearing and seeing all the time according to these types in Saskatchewan. I don't need to visit to take their word for it. I've seen enough though otherwise when they lay off they seem like okay folks.

There is also a blue purple version in Winnipeg, likely associated with the grape flavour, but they are laying off it lately.

Wasn't it purple kool aid Jim Jones served in Guyana? That would explain the Bombers this year. :wink:

And RedandWhite, I think that's a typo. I believe he meant to type glee kool aid, makes 'em wear their farm shirt buttoned all the way up and sing Running Back To Saskatoon Broadway style while harvesting the fields.

It's not a pretty sight. :wink:

While I would probably pick Cornish based mostly around his nationality, Sheets does have 100 more yards from scrimmage than Cornish does. Cornish has 998 rushing + receiving, Sheets has 1074, plus 3 more touchdowns. It's not as outlandish as you may make it seem.

yards per carry is way more important

You are so right, that's why I would take Brandon Stewart of Winnipeg. He's got an average of 26 yards per carry, that's 11.9 more than second place Jock Sanders of Saskatchewan and way ahead of the paltry output of Cornish (6 per carry) and Sheets (5 per carry).

Not in Fantasy Football it isn't.

funny guy

I must admit. I have never even looked at Fantasy Football. I have no idea how it works.

Not funny, just making a point. One stat (regardless of what it is) is the most useless tool with which to judge a player. You need to look at the whole picture. 26 yards per carry looks good until you see his carries at 1, 800 yards looks good until you see 8 fumbles, how many touchdowns, how are his numbers when you take out his longest carry ect.

Stats say what the interpreter wants them to say especially when you cherry pick a single stat.

it is understood by anyone with common sense that such stats are only relevant when there is significant number of attempts. Both cornish and sheet have such.

Basically they get points for every 10 yards, rushing and receiving, certain amount of points for TD's, and then loose points for fumbles I believe. So Sheets being a top pick isn't out of the question, but I would have to go with a QB as my top pick, likely LUlay or AC.

yeah, I would have picked AC but went with Lulay instead.

after that, I would guess c. williams?

You want to get ignorant go someplace else. I posted a serious response and you want to talk to me like I'm an idiot. To that end may I remind you what you posted, "yards per carry is way more important". Where is your "common sense" in that statement?