Sask @ Hamilton Game Thread

See that Maurice Mann? They are called hands. TD!

The Riders look lost out there…can someone tweet them and tell them they have a football game to play at 4PM EST!!

Certainly I hope this is not the case in court too Legal?

This I think is Earl's ideal game except for Mann's awful drop -- solid defence, solid special teams, and a score every possession even if only a field goal.

I can't believe there are still some people who think Flutie or Calvillo are better than Durant. How many times have they been able to go 20 minutes with 0 passing yards? :roll: :roll:

Prediction For Maurice Mann:

Good defense there on Grant.

Chris Williams with the second TD catch! :slight_smile:

THIS is the Cats team we were expecting!

The first pick was on the receiver Hill no doubt, and sometimes it is just not your day I guess.

And wow I never thought they would be this awful if they are to lose this one against my pick.

Man, I'm a real positive guy but even I have to be concerned how every offense we play against can simply play catch all the way down the field, seemingly at will. Another Ticat TD and it's 23 zip.

Whoa, a first down!!!! Take a picture!!

havent seen a team get this bad so fast since flutie left the argos.

Regardless of the outcome of this game I will be listening to 620 CKRM here in SK to hear what people have to say... It won't be nice!

It's what, 35C in Hamilton today? When you're losing time of posession this badly in the heat, the D is going to get worn out. I mean they're not playing great, but they need some help and the offense is doing nothing today.

I really don't get why Saskatchewan got rid of Marcus Crandell as QB coach.

What was that???? Man, DD is not in the game.

And I stepped away to grab a Coke. Son of a... :lol:

Nothing like an 0-3 team staying out on the road and go play a 3-0 Montreal team that you roughed up in your own park a couple weeks prior :smiley:

Maybe at this point the Riders ought to just pack it in for next week and just play for singles to avoid finishing with only a doughnut.

Black is still calling Maurice Mann Mo Mann? So stupid... :roll:

This might be a game where injuries are an excuse for a providing they keep playing the way they are... Bruce and Mann, Jiminez all out

This is ugly.