Sask @ Hamilton Game Thread

Game's on - no one has started a thread yet so here goes ...

I wonder if that frying the egg in the endzone trick was in real-time ...

First rider offensive play of the game and it's a pick ... big sigh

Well at least we only give up 3 after a pick in our own red zone.

I guess if the guy wouldn't have danced in the direction of the return man, it might not have been a taunting penalty.

Geez, this is too much like real life ... I'm talking to myself. My goal is to set a record for the most consecutive posts in a game day thread. So far, so good!

Another field goal for the Cats. Couldn't get much going after that good punt return by Thigpen.

And the Rider O is going to set a record for the number of 2 and outs they can string together in a row.

So lets see... in the last minute Hamilton had a TD wiped out by a wide open receiver tripping over his own feet. Then Saskatchewan has two guys run into each other on what should have been an INT.

Can you tell it's a couple of 0-2 teams playing yet? :stuck_out_tongue:

Glenn's lucky the 2 rider defenders both went for the same ball and neutralized each other. Ticats get another fieldgoal - they're going for the record for how many drives in a row can end in a fieldgoal :slight_smile: It's a day of records on the go here!!

Hey Tridus, good to see someone else on board. :smiley: But you've ended my streak :cry:

Sorry you seemed lonely. :frowning:

Maybe we need to get out a welding kit for these helmets?

When I heard them complain about the heat up there at 30C, I had to do a double take.

Of course it is always more on the field, and 36C for the humidex as apparently you call it and heat index as we call is just plain damn hot anywhere, but give me a break it's summer guys. :roll:

I hope one of those fried eggs ends up on Rod Black's pressurised face.

Thigpen's punt return average must be over 30 yards.

Someone needs to talk to Butler about lowering his head when delivering solid hits, for this time it backfired. :roll:

Guys, you keep interrupting Legal's streak. :stuck_out_tongue:

I just turned the game on. What the hell is going on? :o

Hey Chief! Hamilton's D is looking good, and Thigpen is putting them into FG range on every return. The offense isn't converting though.

Yep on both counts. There's nothing that duct tape can't fix ... and this would be a good moment to pull out a roll.

Indeed and it's embarrassing to have this as the first game today on the NFL Network for too many fans down here to see to get the overall wrong impression. The game showed should have been last night's game.

The way to broadcast to the US for those who won't go online and watch almost all of them like me is to just show Montreal and Edmonton every week.

TD Ticats. Man, my Riders like to dig themselves holes. Last year, they got out of most of them in the end but they're 0-2 this year ... so far.