Sask & Ham Trade?

i was watching sportsnet news. and on the ticker thing that goes across the bottom it said: Saskatchewan and Ham are seriously thinking about Sask Trading Cory Holmes or Reggie Bush for Hamiltons 1st draft pick in the dispersal draft.

I think that is the stupidest thing ever. Cory Holmes is like the best offensive player on our team. So what do you think?


We don't want the Bombers to get Kerry Joseph now that they are in the East, that is a major priority here. How this all pans out, who knows.

"Joseph may be the purrfect pick"

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I don't want them to trade Holmes for the first pick either. He's much to valuable to the Rider's organization, both on the field and off.

yeah but we kind of need cory holmes. Kerry Joseph isnt the best hell need someone to hand the ball off to. And his kick returns are amazing. Well if they take regie bush that wouldnt be as bad but still bad.

And i like how you spell perfect

........on the drive to work this morning the FAN960 is reporting that Shivers is doing all he can to ensure that Joseph is in Rider green by this time tomorrow......he is working a trade with Hamilton.......

can you do that in this draft? seems too soon to be arranging a team at the last minute.

Keep Holmes. I want Joseph, but I don't think he's worth giving up Corey! -- Saskatchewan is in serious discussions with Hamilton about aquiring the No. 1 pick in Wednesday's dispersal draft, Sportsnet's football insider Eric Tillman has learned.

Should a deal be completed, the Riders would hold the first and third overall picks. The move wouldn't come without a price, however, as the first selection would cost the Riders either All-Star running back Corey Holmes or all-star linebacker Reggie Hunt.

If Saskatchewan does get their hands on the top pick, look for them to take quarterback Kerry Joseph first overall and wide receiver Jason Armstead with the third pick.

Having both Joseph and Armstead would look really good, but Holmes is a big big price to pay. Hunt is a great player but if they do trade him our offence would look pretty good with Joseph, Armstead, Dominguez, Holmes, & Keith.

so much for not talking about the draft, should have had a moment of silence. gotta give something up to get something in return........and that O lineup sounds pretty decent roughy.....can you imagine a Cats backfield that featured Ranek and Holmes, and then later Lumsden when he gts cut by the NFL.......yikes.........

The draft is in 6 hours. That moment of silence has passed already.

...I thought the talk was Reggie Hunt or Corey Holmes another player for Joseph....I think that's a lot for Sask. to give up...Bombers won't be interested in Kerry for a no. of big 1 is his salary.. he'll look good in green and white though.. :wink:

There is no way Sask needs to give up that much for the first dispersal pick. What is Hamilton going to do with Kerry Joseph and that big contract he has? Not with Mass now in town. Even if they selected him, they would eventually have to cut or trade him before final rosters were set just before the regular season. I think Hamilton is more likely to select Armstead anyway since they still need receiver help in my opinion. Mass has the arm and he likes the long bomb, so Armstead would fit the bill nicely for that.

......duh, then Winnipeg picks up Joeseph and probably asks more for him than Hamilton is asking right now.......If Sask wants him, it's through Hamilton or not at all.......

I could see the Cats taking KJ just for the fact that they probably would not want to allow the BB's to get him since they are in the same division now. Plus they probably could get some decent players from Sask, IE. Hunt or Holmes.

If I was in the eastern division and had to play the 'Peg, I would rather face Glen then KJ.


I will probably get jumped on for this, but here goes....

I love Corey Holmes. I think he is a great all round player. But if we were to give him up for the first pick we could get KJ and Armstead. Armstead is just as threatening on kick returns, or at least comparable, and he is the kind of speedy deep threat we are missing on our team. I am not saying I would not be dissapointed if we lost Corey Holmes, but things like this are give and take. All off season Rider fans have been saying nothing but fire Roy Shivers for not getting us a QB, now he is trying everything it takes and we are mad again? What does it take to please us Rider fans? We can't expect to get a star player without giving one up. On the other hand, I really don't think it would be smart for Ham or Winn to pick up KJ. Ham doesn't need him and Winn has bigger weaknesses than QB. Glenn is more than capable. Plus, even if we don't get Armstead, there is always Dorsey waiting in the wings for kick returns. He looked very impressive last season the few times he touched the ball. Losing Bush would be almost as bad. Especially after losing Smith to assault charges and that other guy to Calgary. We would be without linebackers. Hopefully if that happens D'wayne Taylor will still be around in the second round. Just my opinion. We will see what happens.

By the way whatever happened with the KK controversy. I thought we really needed Holmes because Keith was all but gone after alledgedly sleeping with Andrew Greene's wife or something. Anyone have any insight?

It doesnt matter what hamilton's plans are. Theyre holding all the cards in this case so they can ask for whatever they want from the riders in exchange for that pick. You gotta assume the riders are desperate to get that pick so that they have any chance of making the playoffs. Hamilton does not have to give an inch in these trade negotiations.

The way things are likely to go down is winnipeg will take joseph if he is available and hamilton for good reason doesnt want that and they have the opportunity to make sure of it by taking joseph with the first pick. But the riders are the only team in the league that really need a starting QB but they only have the third pick which will not get them joseph. Hamilton does not have any huge needs besides on defence so my guess would be theyd want Hunt and a starter from the secondary for the pick but theyre content sitting on that pick

I fully agree with that assessment Dr. Rise. But it's Reggie Hunt not Davin Bush we would be losing. The sentiment from rider fans is they would rather give up Holmes than Hunt. I kind of agree, we are short on linebackers and Hunt is a great anchor on that defence.

I disagree mada,
I don't think it is a gimme that Winnipeg will take Joseph if he is available. Even if you trade him away to ditch his salary, whoever picks him gets a $75000 bill in bonuses (50g back pay to the Gliebs and 25G due Saturday). That is a big price to pay for a player you only want for trade bait. We amy be desperate for a starting QB, but the Shiv has shown in the past that he will not dimantle his team for one player. There is no guarantee that we will give up iwhoever Winnipeg wants for him. Any team other than the Riders will probably cut him or their starting QB and we can have who is left. I would take Glenn back.

Go RIders!!