Sask. / Ham. stat comparison

Offense per game
MTL 395.9
CAL 384.6
EDM 362.2
BC 359.1
SSK 354.2
HAM 352.9

WPG 314.8
TOR 292.9

Yds allowed on Defence

MTL 311.0
TOR 327.7
SSK 345.6
WPG 358.5
BC 359.0
CAL 364.2
HAM 367.8
EDM 382.5

Avg yds passing per game
MTL 292.9
EDM 285.7
CAL 275.8
HAM 270.8
SSK 266.1

BC 257.9
TOR 230.0
WPG 208.0

Avg yds passing ALLOWED per game
TOR 244.4
SSK 249.5
BC 251.2
MTL 254.0
CAL 260.9
HAM 262.4
WPG 266.2
EDM 298.6

Montreal did have the second best pass defense until their last two games shot them down. Now Sask. has the 2nd best pass defence.

What I also find encouraging is our average passing yds per game is 270.8. Glenn, in the last 2 games ( against the two best pass defenses at that time) has averaged 414 passing yards per game

This game is gonna be a shoot-out just like the 44-43 game we lost to them yrs. back. However with Glenn at the pivot the score is gonna be in our favour. How are we gonna do it? Simple, the offence is gonna lite it up for 4 quarters.

Numbers tell what the outcome was last time they played ! and totals for the year .

The numbers prove what they can accomplish certain things but numbers do not tell you whats going to happen .Only what the team is capable of . The stats don't tell you who was playing at that time , or what the weather was ..SO that's why numbers are very misleading and sidetrack the real story that stats are only a recording of how successful a team was and is through out a season or games played .
Same players playing or leading ? I think the number game is over rated and side tracking takes away from the bigger picture which is the game still has to be played and anything can happen ..

Maybe the simple stats before a game to show what they average to compare yourself too but no need to way way in depth.
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