Sask -Greg Marshall.

From "The Scratching Post" today:

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Not unexpected.

If I was GM looking for a HC he'd be on the top of my list.

He may be "movin' on up" SSK's list. In reporting the Riders' request to speak with Milanovich, the Montreal Gazette's football guy suggests that the early favourites --Berry and Hall -- may be sliding down, or even off, that list.

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This article says Marshall impressed the Rider brass in his interview last week:

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Reports today suggest Riders are going with Montreals OC (Malinovich?) and Greg Marshall is being by-passed (again) as HC material.

It would seem many HC positions are going to OCs rather than DCs, Richie Hall being an exception and we've all seen where that's got him.

Greg Marshall, always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

Yes, DCs like Richie Hall, Rich Stubler, and Gary Etcheverry don't have stellar records as head coaches after being DCs. . . on the other hand, Wally Buono and Don Matthews did rather better.

by my reading, Marshall is the only candidate who's been reported to have been called back for a second interview by the Riders and it's looking like he'll be the choice:

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Well ottawacat if you read the article, it does say that Corey Chamblin was also called for a second interview, but that he appears to be out of the picture now.

Interesting article nevertheless. One speculation in there is that Marshall would hire Richie Hall as the D/C in Regina. . . but that would leave Gary Etcheverry on the loose. . . wonder if Hamilton would be interested in him as Marshall's replacement if (a) Marshall does indeed become the head coach in Regina and (b) does indeed cut Etcheverry loose and hire Hall as D/C.

The CFL good ol boys" line dance :slight_smile:

We interupt the 13+ plus threads on the same subject to announce Sportsnet is reporting SSK has formally offered the HC job to Marshall with an offical signing as imminent.

So...we now have no OC and no DC.
Let the speculation begin. :slight_smile:

Congrats Greg. All the best except against us and games important to us.

He's going to get his chance. Best of luck to him.

Who becomes The DC Now ?

Well...If Marshall doesn't take Hall...then Etcheverry.

He takes Etcheverry, we take Hall.

Hopefully Hall picks Hamilton over Saskatchewan if given the opportunity since he’s such good buddies with Marcel.

(Fingers crossed)

Congratulations coach Marshall.

X2...we finally agree lol

chew: Count me in too.
Greg Marshall has been a very good DC and I am glad he finally got his wish to become a Head Coach.

Happy New Year to ALL! However, especially happy to see Greg Marshall finally reach his long pursued goal! :rockin:

There have been suggestions that our Secondary Coach, Brad Miller, would be a good internal choice for a DC job here. I'm not so crazy about that idea, since our secondary wasn't the greatest this past season, and Miller must have had something to do with that. I'm hoping that we get either Hall or Etcheverry. 8)