Sask gets away with one

From a neutral observer, who cheers for neither Saskatchewan or BC, on the last play of the game, the Casey Printers interception, Geroy Simon was blatantly held in the end zone and prevented from acting on the throw. I know if we had a thread for every blown call in the CFL, there would be a countless number of them, but I felt this one deserved it's own thread since it directly affected the outcome of the game. If that hold is called as either pass interference or illegal contact, it is BC ball on either the 3 or the 1, and BC likely scores a touchdown and wins, or at least kicks the field goal and sends it into another over time. Just some thoughts from a neutral observer.


I'll have to watch it again as I was at the game, but from my vantage point (obviously biased) I didn't see anything blatant. It's gotta be a blatant penalty to call it at that point in the game.

and if Simon hadn't also held the Rider Defender on the same play he could have also intercepted the pass ..... thus the non call. Both players where grabbing and holding - watch the replay and listen to the announcers as they also bring up the obvious. The Lions didn't put up much of an argument for that reason. The call could also arguably gone against BC

karma..riders got robbed blind and now we got away with one..I believe we were all told to suck it up and move on..I suggest you all do the same...

Like the Chick hit last game ... where "half the refs in the league would not have called it". Guess this time we got the other half. Win some, lose some.

Oh and also didn't the last game BC play the Riders end in an equally opinionated finish that could be summed up as " Lions get away with one?" .... I would be agreeable :cowboy: to both games being reversed to the other team but eh same standings.

i saw that too.
not until the replay tho.

refs shoulda caught that one - grabbing of simon the whole route.

I didn't see anything wrong with it, but I only watched it in real-time. I may have been a little happy after the INT, and not paid attention to the replay after... :oops:

Its about time the Riders got away with one.. or are you forgetting the earlier game in BC between these two teams, where Higgins admitted the officials screwed up... amazing how many Rider bashers come out of the woodwork when a call goes in the Riders' favour... :roll:

i dont think we're rider bashers ( i cheered for them most games this season ), but i hate to see a great game end like that.

I was thinking the same the last time these 2 played :roll:

After watching it live from about 85 yds away, I thought it was pass interference, but I wasn’t very close. I would like to see it again. It happens to all teams, I am just happy it helped us out this time.

Typical gutless officiating. Didn't have the stones to make the right call. :thdn:

Sure, Casey Printers had no business throwing that ball so we probably got what we deserved, but come one, Simon was mugged back there. Normally my reaction to bad calls is meh, you win some you lose some. In the course of a game it evens out. While I though Chick should have been called for a late hit on Printers when he was already down, I didn't get that upset.

However, when my team loses in overtime on a blatant pass interfence, that's when I went ballistic. In all the years I've been following this league, I can't recall a season where the officials' incompetence has affected as many games.

While I will concede that the officials often do call PI on a play like that, generally they should not. Each player had hold of the other and so no call is the right call.
Just because fans are so use to seeing inconsistency on PI is no reason to get upset when the refs get it right.
Let them play!!

Although the Rider's are my second favourite team, I have to say that pass interference was probably one of the worst oversees I've ever seen since Browner picked off Porter in the endzone by grabbing Currie's shirt twisting, stiff arming him out of bounds then picking it off. Although i'm happy the Rider's won, i'm still disliking all these terrible calls that usually decide games.

Have to agree with you 15- I'm no BC fan , but Simon was being held from behind. I don't believe a mistake made in the past should legitimize one made in the present, as some posters like to think. Call the game properly and consistently. I've said it before, non-calls are worse than bad calls!

Thanks for your neutral point of view. Guaranteed you wouldn’t be as neutral if you thought your team was being shafted. By the way, who is your team?

Just like BC got away with the two games at BC place. In the end, the football gods even things up!! That's the way the ball bounces and the excrement hits the fan!!

Sometimes your the one on top, sometimes you're on the bottom. The life of a CFL fan!!