sask get over it

rawnotsorookieray,prooves That there is still one rat in the great province of Alberta...(a not to bright one at that ) like i said before, crawl back into your hole...boy!...........GO RIDERS GO

You make sense! RickyIamnotplayingwellray!

I really don't see what your problem with it is Raw? I have been to many Hockey games where the crowd started chanting the opposing goalies name to try and throw him off his game. From what I saw last night that's all the crowd was doing and hey......IT WORKED! :lol:

Besides since you are the only one bringing this whole subject up, I'm guessing that you're the only one it bothers.

Look at the standings Rawimanidiotray, and tell me how it feels to be in LAST PLACE.


yea sambo, u tell him lol

sorry, the words of will ferrell, "we gotta keep our composure...KEEP OUR COMPOSURE"

hey burris still owns ur wheat growing butt, so it doesnt bother me

ha, after last night i dont think hell play the same at mosaic again, the fans were really getting into his head, u could see that as the game progrssed

dumb in sults hmmmmm, if u read them there all truth.

half the bingo halls in canada are located in manitoba and sask....


I agree with you DG, he hasnt had one post that makes any sense whatsoever, but what do expect from a guy who tries to dump on Rider fans for booing Smilin Hank when he himself likely booed Doug Weight in the SC final. Keep making a fool of yourself RNR, im enjoying every bit of it!!

RnR, dont you have some dishes to wash or something??.... your boss will fire you if he catches you on his computer...

i dont know wut is with u and theses stupid attendance reports :roll: why dont u go back and take attendance when the big city of TO didnt even support there team and the league had to bail them out. :roll: now thats :oops: for a big city :wink:

Big deal you pay to watch the game and if you so choose to boo an ex player go ahead. But RNR is entitled to his opinion!

So im not entitled to disagree with it??

You got it no problem there RNR is a big boy and can handle it! I can not say the same for you! :lol:

RnR is a big something, all right.....

And you dont handle it very well either , 05, its there for all to see in your posts.

and :lol: he knows it! :lol:

so it was two yrs since he left oh well we cant get under a players skin just like in hockey when they say the last name of the goalie to get under or say SIVE SIVE SIVE its not a big deal to bug him he gets paid to play if he cant handle it get out would you rather have fans like in edm. who just sit there and do NOTHING in a half filled staduim