sask get over it

man Sask was chanting HHHEEENNNNNRRRYYY last night.

saskachewan, get over it your like that stalker ex g/f that cant get over why she left you becasue yoour the biggest loser ever.

henry isnt the first player to leave sask, usually when every players contract exspires there gone from roughville, so why henry.

haha...2-4 mocking 3-3...

look up, edmonton, its a bird, its a plane, it's...Sask higher in the standings looking down on your last place ass..hahaha

Go back to your hole Rawnotsorookierickray........GO RIDERS GO

I am sure it has been mentioned in the previous posts, but what's up with another low crowd and for a Saturday night.
Regina is running out of excuses and days of the week.

we'll see by the end of the year..

and lets go back to the real point hey drummer. so pathetic tht u have to keeping booing him?

what was the attendance?

LOL its because there crap fans

Just like the Oiler fans booed Doug Weight in the SC finals? How about the leaf fans booing Afredsson every time he touches the puck. As long as fan pay their money to see games, they can cheer or jeer anyone they wish.

yah and u have done it for 2 years.we did it for 6 games,
and our coach after games didnt talk about doug weight, unliek barrett who cant stop talking about burris.

Many fans have stated they are over with Burris but last night they proved wrong! But hey that is a great crowd out there and I believe they fired up their team.

no offence red but burris sucked there, so why love him sask

the time of the game was 8 pm sask time. many ppl come from out of town to watch the game. if the game ends @ 11-11.30, thats too late for some ppl to drive home, its as simple as that.

do the math...burris has only played in sask 3 times since hes been a thats less than the 6 games edmonton booed doug weight...

what do u say to that? ( something stupid, im sure )

Are you telling me it is because of the late games! That could be possible!

im saying its been 2 years SINCE HE LEFT. whitch means you have 2 years to get over it. i was over dug weight a week after, but cant seem to do tht

yeah, that would be what i was saying.

Usually a pretty normal thing to Boo the opposing team or a player on the team when they are in YOUR HOUSE! So the question is...why does it bother you so much?

explain: how long has it been since doug weight was an oiler?.....over 2 years! ( longer than burris has been a stamp )

and why were the edmonton crowd still booing him for 6 games? ( more games than sask booed burris )

do u ever intend to make any sense in a post JUST ONCE?...please, im sick of reading your crap.

im not a rider fan, and im not anti-u never make sense and i gotta read your crap to get to a quality post!!!!!!...i'm tired of your dumb threads, dumb comments, dumb insults...JUST GO AWAY!!!!...i've tryed to stay outta your childish conversations for a long long time, but i cant take your stupidity anylonger.

doesnt bother me, i jsut think its stupid to keep booing a guy and chanting his name when realy it makes you look stupid because u cant get over him especially since everyone (including the residents) leave sask

Hmmm, could it be 05, that the fans still remember Burris’ gesture that appears with your posts? I can tell you Riders fans are over Burris(we have Joseph, the better QB this year), but they will still jeer and boo him everytime he comes here.