sask games lower bowl singles only

just checked on ticket master lower bowl singles only
for sask game.

could you imagine if bc beats hamilton plays sask in front of close to 40,000 wins that beats sask in sask, goes on a e winning streak,

I bet you bc place will get over 35,000 for the rest of the home games, and i got a feeling they are going to go on a big winning streak.

I wouldn't think attendance would be that high. With a 14 - 3 - 1 record last year, there was only one game over 35k

then why is the lower bowl almost sold out, and i just heard on nw that they could get very close to 40,000 if the lions beat hamilton.

just checked again in lower bowl yes it is all gone.

if lions beat hamilton i think we will get very close to 40,000 exspecally with charles roberts first game.

call the lions' office

there's still a lot of tickets available in the endzones that are in pairs or more. ticketmaster doesn't show all the seats

no there is not i phoned the lions office yesturday and said there are singles only

oh really? because i just called and bought some seats in section 7L2 non-alcohol and there will still other left around it. call again, if you actually did the first time, haha.

then why would bc lions office they tell me that and why would ticket master say there are only singles
left, and you can not get pairs on either.

Traditionally the Riders have been a great draw in Vancouver so I think a crowd in the 35-40,000 range is possible especially since by the time game time arrives, they wouldn’t have had a home date in about a month and the weather should be cooler which is when the Lions draw their best crowds.

Breaking news in:

If the Lions sell all of their tickets, they might have 56,490.

that would be so cool lol

Everyone search out all your 7-11's for tix, pass the word on. I went to the one on denmen and they still have about 10-20 pairs, go to your 7-11's if u want to get pairs. Otherwise buy up the rest of those single seats, lets pack the dome, go lions.

I just called the my friend over at lions office, they have a few lower bowl tickets left in the bronze section, and some in pairs..I just got 5 in a row.

But they only have bronze left, and he said they are sellng quick.

What about the other 3197 fans? Would they be no-shows? Cause all total amount of seats available is 59,687. :slight_smile:

NW reported over 30,000 sold as of Friday. Big Lions win today definitely helps the momentum.

riveting stuff

Great time to be a Rider fan these days.

Defending champs who sit at 8-2 after an improbable comeback win yesterday. I expect the BC Green faithful to be out in full force Saturday night. If the Lions are going get close to 40,000 then this is the game.

The dome will be rockin on Saturday! :rockin:

Sorry Mark, looked up an old stats sheet. 59,680 sounds better, but I'll give you the extra 7! :wink:


I think the Lions have turned a corner at the right time. For the past few seasons, the Lions would be sitting way ahead in first place. I think that actually makes the fans a little complacent to come as the home games don't mean as much. With the Lions slow start, this might actually bring more fans to the games as each game actually means something now. Of course they need to win and having a game against those hated Riders at this point of the season could be a start for some big crowds down the stretch.