Sask game

THAT WAS BS, the game they played against toronto! Tornto should of won and made teir record 4-1, it was all cause of a bad call by a ref. Sask was right by touchdown, and they ran, the qb handed it off and teh rb jumped up in the air and he got tackled back and HE WASNT ACROSS THE TD LINE, but the ref called it a TOUCHDOWN, IT WAS TOTTALY BS, IF HE DIDNT COUNT THAT TORONTO WOULD WON! BS!!!! IM SO MAD

i do not blame you the toronto coach should comlpaine to the league about that.

looks like the game was fixed.


yeah well it looks like the refs think it is good for the league to keep sask undefeated, but i look at this way the lions went 11-0 in 2005, and looked what happend, i am not saying they are going 11-0, but sask is a streaky team meaning that if they lose one game i think they are going to lose 4 or 5 in a row.i stll think they are playing over there heads. winning with there 4th qb that has to be playing over there heads.

Was the qb in that game not their starter qb? it was their 4th backup qb? if so WOW. And in 2005 when they went 11-0 they lost the grey cup right?

no bc in 2005 went 11-0 and lost the last 7 games did not even make it into the grey cup yes that was there 4th qb.

Jyles is our third stringer.

sorry thought it was your third

I wanted T.O to win as well but holy crap, are we really going to think the officials rigged the game?

Some people still beleive those kind of things :roll: :roll:

The Officials were closer, and we have found out in both NFL and CFL camera angles can be wrong.

Get over it.

There were two bad calls in the Montreal BC Game that kept each team's drive alive to score a Touchdown. Human error will always be part of the game.

I wouldn't go so far as to say the game was fixed. That's too conspiratorial for my tastes. However, there were some questionable calls.

As much as you wanna cry JFK! I believe in Karma! A bad call in one game will come back to get them in another! The Ref's are sure a damed way from perfect but trust me on this.... Could you actually find 1 friend who who want this duty? nah not me! as bad as it seems swallow the pill! we really need them! like a fast food joint we need our fix but truely ignore who's making the meal!