Sask fans-really?

I know that sask fans love to think that they are the best fans in the world. The backbone of the league. Travel and support their team. We see them on TV with melons on their head, shirtless, beer in each hand. We smile. Then some think " what would it be like to actually sit around these guys? "
I was at the Lions game on Friday nite and was surrounded by these fellas. Astounding. They had no intention of really watching the game. Or of letting anyone else do so. Standing, blocking, milling, sending everyone every two minutes to get two beers, flag waving, getting two beers, spilling two beers. Getting two more. Like being in a loser bar, with a $60 cover charge. It was amazingly bad.

That sucks, I know of some places, the Bell Center comes to mind, where that type of behavior would get you a superb beating once out the door… We are about to see if they really are the greatest fans in the world :wink:

What is it with you kooks - got nothing better than to blame any little incident in the stands on a Rider fan. I am sure there were BC fans in the same shape somewhere in the stands. Growup and look in the mirror. Jealousy does not look good on anyone.

Well in the case of this specific thread Flag's game day experience was devalued by Rider fans.

And I have had many game day experiences devalued by Lions fans. To a point where I refuse to attend CFL games in Vancouver at all, for any reason. Idiots can be found wearing all colours, not just green.

Idiots in Hamilton do this all the time, there's like a row of 10 of them and this is all they do all game long.Not even looking at the game just chatting shaking hands as more show up, going on a beer run every 10 seconds, never sitting down.Pain in the @55 :roll:

I agree 15 and it is like that everywhere. I would appreciate if the league would ban alcohol in the stands altogether because it definitely takes away from the enjoyment of those who came to watch the game and not just have a party. Alcohol could be drank and served in the concourse areas. I have my season tickets in the family fun zone for Rider games soley because alcohol cannot be drank in that section and I can bring my young nephews and nieces to the game and know that it will be a pleasurable experience for them.

Kooks? grow up? why do you say that? i’m just stating a fact that in my section the Rider fans that were there made the game watching intolerable.

gotta find ways to limit beer sales per person.

I can't stand people who come to sporting events to drink and get drunk.

I'm pretty sure it's because of the subject title and HOW you started the post. That Rider fans like to think we are the greatest fans in the world! Last year this same thread was started, and pretty well went the exact same way this one has.

A-hole fans no matter where you go. Come on it's human nature. Especially when brainless young guys are out to drink and have a good time. Why is it that Rider fans seem to get heckled the most in this forum, gang tackled by the other team fans. Seems that Leaf fans go through the same thing (though they deserve it :wink: :roll: ). Being a Rider fan meant for 2 decades you were simply part of a big support group trying to once again blow your hard earned money on a losing team.

We have the least GCs of any team and only recently had something to cheer about. Cut us a bit of slack. If anyone should be gang tackled it is Edmonton (city of chumps... Champs :o ) for all of their success. Where is the logic people? If things keep going south for the team, perhaps one day your dream will come true and the Riders will fold. Isn't parity better better for all fans.

Sorry I don’t understand …why should I cut you some slack for piggish behavior? Because you haven’t won a Grey Cup? Is that what you’re suggesting?

You should cut him some slack because he likely wasn't one of the drunks around you. :smiley:

Flag- I'm a die hard bomber fan, have been to the labor day game in Sask for the past five years. Some years we have had no issues with fans, some years you get idiots trying to be cool. Been spit on, threatened, you name it. Also met some great fans like me who just wanna party and have a good time, now we party together every year i go there and we show them a good time when they come here, so it really just comes down to a few drunk or immature people. Not fair to stereotype a entire fan base because of a couple idiots who happen to be wearing a rider jersey.

Have a feeling this year rider fans will be especially hostile. lol. :roll:

Pretty sure, that since the game was in B.C., these Rider fans were from there. A lot of your behavior, You learn from your everday surroundings and influences, so blame it on the B.C. influence they get every day. :roll: :roll:

Grow up guys. There's good fans and there's bad fans. Don't start mudslinging the good ones because a bad one gave you a hard time at a game.

lol, but if you'd rather argue over nothing, by all means. :wink:

Look your implication about Rider fans is like me assuming that all Vancouver Canucks fans are hoodlums who are poor sports and cause riots because their team loses. Why even come on here with your post. Talk about it amongst your friends and guffaw about how lude and rude the Rider fans are but don’t expect to get away scot-free when you come on the main forum and make such comments.

What is it with you kooks - got nothing better than to blame any little incident in the stands on a Rider fan. I am sure there were BC fans in the same shape somewhere in the stands. Growup and look in the mirror. Jealousy does not look good on anyone.
Kooks? grow up? why do you say that? i'm just stating a fact that in my section the Rider fans that were there made the game watching intolerable.
Did you use the call number to report unruly fans? Did you report them to security? Even as a Rider fan I have found the security at the Lions games to be on the ball and very fair no matter who the fans are. I took my youngest son to the preseason game this year that the Riders where in town - and he was subjected to a horrific swear laden verbal attack for wearing his Rider Jersey. 2 Teenagers ( clearly drunk or high ) decided after the game - on the way out to swarm him and hurl insults in his face. Now my kids fairly big and was laughing at it but it was the BC lions fans walking by that tore into those 2.

Lesson - bad fans came from all teams - good fans come from all teams. It was unfortunate that your game enjoyment was disturbed by drunks who happened to be Rider fans. However this is not reflective on Riders fans - any more then 2 drunken idiots where a reflection of Lions fans. Your post makes the impression you are commenting to Rider fans as a whole which would not be fair - Although it certainly provides for a better headline.

I also have to question why you didn't report them? I have found most CFL stadiums to be very swift to deal with anything that would be unacceptable behavior and like I said - BC even more so ( after the riots they are taking zero chances of letting anything grow ).

Stay out of the cheap seats and you won't have that problem. I was at Canad inn stadium watching the Esks bomber game . The fans tore a strip off of me for wearing my Esks jersey and every call on the bombers was my fault . Talk about your crybaby fans. But I suppose it comes with the territory as long as it doesnt get violent I'm fine with it .

It's mostly non green and white colours. :cowboy:

people are stupid